The Firewall…Creating a Creative Space


This is a selfie…oh, I know…I just booed about this…but I’d just gone for an interview that resulted in a new job!

I am starting my own company as you may well know. Equine Publishing is very close to becoming operational.  All the furnishings are in place.  Most of the legalities are taken care of.  I am getting close.  Exciting!

What has been bothering me lately is the colour of the room.  I’ve never really liked it.  In fact, when I purchased the place, both bedrooms were done in chocolate and tan.  The colours made the rooms cavernous and rather blah as far as I was concerned.


My home office at about 10:00 AM today.

I painted my bedroom a lovely sage green. It is a restful colour, a soothing colour.  My daughter, however,  liked the colour of the room so I left it.

Now that she’s moved out and I ‘ve transformed it into my office, a space that I want to be creative in, the colour had to change.  I pondered my choices.

The idea of a burnt orange, a deep autumn colour held a great deal of appeal.  So it was off to explore and I brought home swatches and taped them to the wall.

I wanted vibrant.  I wanted heat.


The home office at 10:00 PM this evening

At first I considered doing the entire room in the chosen colour  Lunch with the girls on Sunday convinced me otherwise.  It would be too much for a space that wasn’t very big.  So I would keep the feature wall, that was currently chocolate and paint it Caribbean Spice ( a deep orange). The other three walls would be painted Salmonberry which has a peachy tinge to it.

I’ve never had an orange room before.

Last night I hit the hardware store and got them to concoct my colour schemes.  I felt that curl of excitement race through me.  I love to paint a room for a particular purpose.

Trust me when I tell you some of my choices in years past have become legendary and not for all the right reasons either.  Still they are remembered by friends fondly and sarcastically.  And you know, I’m fine with that.  If there is one thing I’ve always done it’s take chances with room colours.

Approximately twenty years ago I had been living in the basement suite of a house and had the opportunity to move upstairs.

The walls were a dull beige in colour, the kitchen had brown tiles and the rest of the house had glorious hardwood!

It was an old house built back in the 1930’s.  One of the owners had developed the attic into a loft.

I had been in a year long depression around that time and I was emerging from it.

I found the rooms drab and depressing so I asked the landlord if I could paint the place.  Affirmative and I could submit the cost of the paint and they would reimburse me.

The attic, which was my daughter’s bedroom and space, was done in a dusty rose.

My bedroom and the spare bedroom were done in a light lavender.  The kitchen was done in white and baby blue.  The floor tiles replaced with white and nave tiles and the living room was done in white and pink.

And the bathroom…well, it has become something of a legend.

This I did in florescent lime green.

Even with the lights off I swear it glowed in the dark.  Some will tell you they needed sunglasses on to enter.  Some will say it burnt out their retinas.  Of course, they are being a little mellow dramatic.  Still, I do admit that it was extraordinarily bright.

I like vibrant colours though, particularly in living spaces.  A bedroom for sure needs to be done in muted and calming colours.  I do like warmth in my choices though.

Today was an adventure in a new product I’d never tried before.  I opted to try the combination of paint and primer for the chocolate wall that I was transforming into a deep, burnt orange.  I figured I could save myself some time.


At 10:20 AM my saga began.  At 7:30 PM it had more or less ended.  I still have a bit of trim to do.

The chocolate wall required six coats and close to a gallon of paint.  The other three walls in Salmonberry required two coats of paint with a bit left over for trim.

The time frame noted above includes prep and clean up.

My body is stupidly tired and stiff.  I’ve a feeling that waking on the morrow might well be a painful experience.

Ahhhh! What we do for our art!

Still, its important if this is to be the space where I am to create masterfully crafted stories.


I need the insanity of colour. I need the rich heat.  I need to feel like the walls will burn me if touched.

And I would love to hear from my fellow wordsmiths what colours inspire them.

As stated I’ve never had an orange room before.  After six coats of paint I’m delighted with my choice of colour on the feature wall.

A hot shower, pain relief spray and some Tylenol will hopefully make waking tomorrow tolerable.

It has never taken me this long to paint one room before.

And this was an important choice as noted.

And please I would love to know what colour schemes inspire and entice you.  Let me know. Cheers!











See Me

She walked down Robson Street with the iPhone held well in front of her.

Smiling coyly she giggled then changed the position of the phone.  Not once did her eyes leave the screen.


I was leaving Starbuck’s and she very nearly collided with me.  Of this fact, I can assure you, she was very unaware.  I watched her for a moment then realized that she was making a video selfie.

And what I wondered was she going to do with this piece of cinematic excellence?

What role was she playing in that head of hers?

Dangerous this self absorption the younger sect seems to have with these toys of ours.


Narcissistic and vain.

We all seem to be connected like never before and yet when I look at the lot of us we’ve never been lonelier.


Many of us hide behind computer screens selling an image to the world, but of what an why?

Remnants of a twisted Oz filter through. The illusion of grandeur and power being sold to a faceless audience.

Fine, you’re in your early 20’s and you are smokin’ hot.  You work out, dress impeccably, hair and makeup are polished to beyond perfection.


Looks will fade. It’s a simple fact of life really.

Our society will tell you that you don’t have to take aging lying down.  Well, if I have a beautiful man above me doing all kinds of wonderful things to my body, I’ll take lying down any day, thanks.

Point being, we all grow old.  Don’t fear it.  If you’re so consumed by your appearance you just might forget to actually live.

All those memories, events and experiences, good and bad that occur during your time here will shape who you ultimately become.  You’re at the helm.  Know this and embrace it.  Pay it forward.

Recently I read an article that stated people who take selfies of themselves all the time are indeed suffering from a mental illness.

I suppose it could be viewed as obsessive behaviour.  Still I just scratched my head.   And what are these phones doing to us?

Women who’ve stored them in their bra have now been found with tumours in their breast tissue resembling the shape of the phone.

My first question was why are they storing them in their bras to begin with?


It just seems to be so strange in that we are all supposed look fabulous, regardless of age.  Sex is supposed to be from infinity and beyond each and every day, several times a day and our first job should pay for all the accruements necessary to purchase a condo downtown, dress like a runway model and travel half the year.

And those are just the basics, apparently.


Then I pick up a magazine and women claim that they prefer chocolate to sex.

Alrighty, then.

Something just may be amiss in this utopian dream of ours.

I finished up at the architectural firm today.  I’m leaving it in stellar condition.  I slipped out the door for the final time with a mix of emotions.  I’ve met and worked with some fabulous people.

I’ve worked for an asshole.  But gracious as ever I walked into his office and shook his hand and gave him a hug.  He was quite taken aback by this.  I thanked him for the opportunity that he had afforded me and expressed that I’d learned a great deal.

With a rather bemused expression on his face he said he hoped I would land on my feet.  I offered a rather wry smile now and informed him that I already had then I took my leave.

Sadly, in the five plus years I worked there he never really saw me.

I bid my adieu to the second partner and when I thanked him he teared up.  He knows just as well as I do the injustice that has been committed.  There were a lot of words in those eyes.  Words that he would swallow because he always does.

When I showed him the administrative and accounting set up earlier in the afternoon he looked terrified.  How is he going to remember all of this when he’s popping oxycotin like its candy to try and relieve the pain that he’s living with constantly.

So much potential in that place to be extraordinary, but it will never happen.

I left knowing I did a good job.  I left knowing that despite the trials I’d risen above them.

There is no malice in my heart.  I am free.  I can claim the life that waits for me now and I will do just that with humility and grace.

I’ve still so much to learn in this life.


I thought back to the home movies my dad took of my sister’s and I during our formative years.

They are kind of silly.  We just stand there looking at the camera. Lorraine had a habit, if she’d been left out of a scene, to walk nonchalantly (and quite obviously) back and forth before it.   Norma it seemed was always eating salt and vinegar potato chips.

I was usually trying to drown a floatation device or doing something nervously foolish while the camera recorded it.

Dad would take a movie lasting some ten minutes in length of a far away bear rummaging through garbage while we were driving on a highway somewhere in BC.

Images of fish caught, of turkeys cooked, of babies being bathed, of parties occurring have been committed to celluloid.  The Brownie Eight had a really bright light and quite often those in front of the camera are squinting pathetically at it.  Faces screwed up comically in an effort to try and look…cool?

Now when an event happens we have instant footage.  Someone, if not many, will pull out an iPhone or Android to record the event.  This was never more evident than when the twin towers fell in New York back in 2001.

They didn’t show too many images after the fact of those who were jumping from the towers.

But during the event, the sensationalism of its horrific unfolding held us all in its wake.

Those in the tower had just a few options in directing their death that they knew would occur that day.

Burn or jump.  I would think jumping would ultimately be far less painful.

I can recall the media zooming in on a young man who was captured catapulting out the building, freefalling, likely having a million things running through his head as death enveloped him.

But there it was.  Freeze framed. They zoomed in trying to determine who he was.‘


‘Don’t’. I whispered to the television screen. For those who knew and loved him…don’t let that be the image they have of him.

There’ve been a number of plane crashes this week and we’ve been inundated with images of burnt out aircraft.

Apparently one of the crash sites was being looted.

I found my brows becoming furrowed as I pondered what you would loot from the site of a plane crash.

And what are we doing?  I want to have a positive impact, yet sometimes our conduct in this world frightens me.

And as I stood transfixed for a moment this morning watching this girl move like a shadow down the street I wondered did she ever see and feel the beauty around her?

Driving in today I was again overwhelmed by the rich and lush area that I inhabit. I am so blessed to be able to call this home.

And did this girl think she was all that?

And what exactly does this mean?

This life is a subjective one filled with so many subtleties.  And it is the little things that make all of this worthwhile.


God knows I am so glad I was not consumed with my appearance, that I didn’t place my value as a human upon this attribute.  I would have been in some kinda deep shit when I woke up last year and found that I shared a strong likeness to the alien of Roswell fame.

And to all of you beautiful people out there, please see those of who stand in the shadow of your illustrious ‘greatness’.

And I hope when you do get old (and you will) that you’ll have developed some substance.   Now, go break that mirror.

In case you didn’t know…everything you see in it is backwards.   J

Now…Where Was I?


The last few weeks have been something of emotional cesspool.  I’ve experienced just about every negative feeling I could throw at myself. 

You see five weeks ago I was given notice that my job was coming to end.

I went from disbelief, to indignant self-righteous disbelief to just being downright pissed off.

There is no justice in this world….dammit!

And I would to sue the moment they slipped up and they would, darn tootin’!

And all these emotions roared through me while I was crying into my beer with pen in one hand recording the whole of it and pizza in the other.  The beer and pizza were taking turns comforting me you see.

And after about two weeks of this nonsense of portraying the perfect victim, the annoyance was turned toward my loveley visage.

Why, when the news was handed down did I stop doing all the good things I’d been doing for self?  I just tanked out….again!

English Bay Aug 31 007

I slapped myself around a little and did what I needed to do.  Brushed off the resume, polished it up and wrote a smokin’ coverletter.  I have now secured another job.  I did have a backup plan had this not occurred though.  I’ve done this a time or two you see.

Tomorrow is my last day at the archtiectural firm.  In two weeks I begin a new adventure.

On Monday as I left the second interview for this position I was vying for with the knowledge that the job was mine, relief washed through me.  This was quickly followed by an excitement I’ve not felt in a good long while.  

The neurons began to fire with several ideas.   And hell, I know nothing about making or selling windows and doors.  But I will.

My last two positions have been with architectural firms and I’d hoped they would grow and expand.  That was not the case.  

This new place…well, they really do want to grow!  And I’m delighted! 


Have I got a door for you!  Don’t need a door?  How about a window? 

Then I came back to the dilemma of my dismissal.from the architectural firm.  In all honesty, I’ve not been happy here for a couple years now.  Just over a year and half ago I had begun to look for something else.  I was tired of the verbal abuse and lack of respect that was shown by one of the partners.  

Then of course came the edict ‘You’ve got cancer.’

I kind of had my back up against a wall at that point.  Just had to suck it up and muddle through.  

In the last few weeks I’ve had a variety of information offered up by friends and acquaintences. Lawyers names have been provided, advice on what to tell CRA when I file my claim, etc. 

Time to settle this then.  What to do?

Lonsdale Quay 095

This company needs someone to handle their finances at the very least.  I have no idea what they have in mind either.  By law they cannot hire someone to replace me.  If they are dismantling my position as they say then not even a PT person can come in.

I sat in meditation the other evening and put it out to the universe.  I let my ego go.  I’ve heard far too much from this side of self as of late.  

No, it’s not fair how I was treated.  It’s not fair how many in this firm have been treated.  Life can be that way though.  

And this all coming on the heels of one of the most difficult years I’ve experienced…well, just one word emerged.  


I felt the tears well up as I released all the emotional stresses that had plagued me as of late.  I released all the hurt and self-righteous indignation I’d been feeling, the fist pounding aggravation. and just gave my self over to the quiet and forgiving heart I’ve found and followed for a few years now.  

There was a certain freedom in that moment.  

No, I won’t persue legal action.  I’ve other more postive, more productive things to venture after. 

It is important though to let your antogonist know.  And on the morrow a note will be left on his desk that will read ‘I forgive you.’

And I will offer a prayer that whatever it is that has jaded this manI hope he finds some peace.

Then I will take my leave.  

And you know, I will just carry on and count my blessings, for which there are many.  


The Storyteller


What is it that appeals or repels in a story?  What drives it?  What do we take away from it?

I love a well told story.  I look for those little twists and turns, the innuendo that leads me through various avenues as the story plays out.  We’ve been reminded time and again that every story ever told has been done so over and over again.

Take the romance genre for example.  It is basically the same format in pretty much every book.  So why keep reading them?

What does it for me is character development.  If I can connect to them then I’m hooked and it doesn’t matter the genre.

As the reader I am conjuring what may happen .  I am delighted when a surprise occurs that throws me off.  The most important aspect is how the story is told and how it unfolds.

And I got to thinking, I could tell you stories that would break your heart, but you know what?  I would rather tell you stories that will help mend them.

I have to be careful in the telling though.  I don’t want to tell a feel good story that ends up being so sacharine sweet that I am wanting rip my hair out and run screaming from a room, or to a room, or down a street, or up a street….

You get the idea.


I had a bit of rant just over a week ago about the trailer for a new show that is on television this summer called ‘EXTANT’.  It features Halle Berry and is produced by Stephen Speilberg. After duly criticising the over dramatic trailer I decided to do due diligence and actually (GULP) watch the show.

Yes, yes…I know…my sacrifices know no bounds

I decided to watch it until my interest really starts to wane.  Keep in mind what is happening to Halle Berry’s character Molly Brown will have an impact on ALL OF MANKIND!

Story 2

I am two episodes in and can smell a certain consiracy theory brewing. My guess is that possible aliens are living on our planet that have a comfortable relationship with the US government and NASA?

Molly and her husband have an android child named Ethan who looks like he walked off the set of ‘Children of the Corn’.  Yup, he’s a little creepy.  The husband builds these things though I am not 100% certain as the why of it.  The story is a little vague there.

corn 4children corn

The thing is, prior to Molly’s adventures in space, they sent another dude up to space for 13 months on his own and he came back and got all weirded out and paranoid so he killed himself.

Then we find out in episode two that he didn’t kill himself…he faked his death and is now living in a trailer hiding from the authorities.

So of course, NASA would send up another astronaut for 13 months, a woman this time, to live alone in space.  And she comes back knocked up.

There is this multi-billionaire dude, Yasimoto, or something like that who apparently owns half the planet.  I think he’s an alien.  His character, while in good shape is likely in his late 50’s or early 60’s.  He sticks his finger in a sensory object on his dresser and  it tells him he has 103 years and 55 minutes left to live.

I will watch a little longer to see if what I am thinking plays out.

Sadly, they could have made this a really good show had they stayed away from the conspiracy theory aspect to it, but I can see it beginning.  Meanwhile Molly still has not told her husband of her extraterrestial pregnancy and she is teaching her android son the art of deception by forming a pack to to keep secrets from the father / husband.

penguin 3

Now, let me switch completely.  When I watched ‘The March of the Penguins’ I was spellbound by the story Morgan Freeman narrated about these charming birds.  This documentary illicited a host of emotions in me.  And I was simply watching footage of penguins.

penguin 2penguin 1

Indeed, how well a story is told is key for any storyteller and I hope to continue to grow and expand in this area.

I would love to hear from you what some of your favourtie stories or books are and why. And again, thanks for stopping by.






English Bay Aug 31 049

Much has been going on in this head of mine, in this life of mine, though it seems oddly muted. I’ve been focused on securing a position with another company and I may have succeeded. Next Monday I will be going for a second interview.  Always a good thing if they want to see you again.

And I’m at peace with the rest of it.

I’ve not been able to grow in the position I’m currently in.  I realized that for more than two years I’ve been fighting, defending the job that I am doing.  But why?  And what came to mind was that I was never able to actually do the job I was hired to do.  The partners simply wanted to dictate to me how they wanted it done.

And you see, that doesn’t quite cut it with me.  Hire someone to manage but don’t allow them the freedom to do so?  Redundancy is expensive.

Today at the interview I went to, I felt that spark that I’ve not felt in a good long while. The challenge was laid out, however subtly, the seed planted.

He wants someone who will roll up their sleeves and make certain things happen. He found his candidate for the job.  Just let me do it.

And while he spoke of some of the job costing and tracking they would like to get a handle on, visions of spreadsheets danced in my head.

I like working. I really do.  But I need to feel that what I’m contributing is valid and useful.  Over the past few years I’ve found myself in the hamster wheel running as if the fires of hell have been biting at me behind.

Then I realized I was in some strange version of hell.  When the chains bind to the point that new thoughts and ideas of any kind are quickly extinguished, frowned upon. Painful.

The rest of the ‘hurt’ feelings that I am experiencing are simply ego driven.

It is that echo from a lifetime to the person who sought out and lived for praise and acknowledgement, desperately so.

In the last year my enthusiasm has diminished so much.  Then again, every cruel word spoken was like a poisoned barb that stung feeding the resentment, feeding the mistrust.

And all of this while the effects and treatment of cancer raged through me.

Time to surrender the past to where it belongs and move forward to the life the beckons.  And what I see, ah, it is so good!

It is time to embrace it.  Let it fill my every being.

English Bay Aug 31 007

It is my hope that I can report back to you that I’ve secured a new position before leaving the old.

And all the emotions that have been roiling about.

To those of you at my work place who’ve pushed me each day, if I could tell you how many times I’ve felt discarded, worthless and unimportant in my life…would it matter.  Probably not.  If I could tell you the fear I felt over the last year, would you understand?

There has been a push on to have a host of things done immediately.  There is a panic on their end. I can feel it.

If they hire someone to replace me upon my absence, I assure you this.  I will sue them.

Now understand this is not out of spite. I know I need to be gone from there. Should I get this position on Monday I will be deliriously happy, but you know, where does it end?

Can you continually treat people like pond scum and not expect repercussions?

I’ve been tormenting over this.  The unfairness.  The disregard. The manipulation.  Oh, they want me go to quietly into that good night.  A hearty handshake and a kick in the ass like so many before me.

There is a part of me that just wants to walk away.  There is a part of me, however, that insists should they breach this ‘parting’ and bring another in…

Well, it’s wrongful dismissal then, isn’t is? And I have it in writing. I’m tired of being treated as ‘less than’.  Nobody should be treated in that manner.  Ever.

And that is why I will take legal action should they breach the conditions of my termination.  And it really isn’t an emotional thing, though it feels as such.  It is, in my mind, a human thing.  A respect thing.  An honour thing.

So you build the best building in the world?  If you’re and asshole, all you’ll have to carry the memory of your life are buildings that will one day crumble.

I would prefer to be remembered for what was in my heart, for the smile on my face, for the time I held a stranger close or was spellbound by a sunrise or sunset.

June 21, 2014 646

The genius of erecting a building, well, I’ve never seen anything built in our firm that took my breath away.  They are very good at what they do. I will not deny this.

Understand that this is the artist in me.  The romantic in me that speaks.

Bodiam Castle sits with a moat around it and provides visions from Arthurian Legends. Built in 1385 it still stands today in East Sussex, England.

caslte 2Bodiam-Castle-1505

I’ve only seen photos, but to me…this is architecture…this is legend.

In 1,000 years will the concrete and glass structures the firm I work for still be standing?  Will any of what we’ve built remain?

Don’t know.

2014-04-09 13.13.30

But these words that I write, well yes, in a 1,000 years they could well still exist now couldn’t they?  But will they be understood?

It’s a tough call.

My point is simple really.  Why, in God’s name, can we not treat each other with respect.  Why, particularly in the work place, can employees not be given the dignity they deserve.

Employers may be surprised at the productivity they induce by treating those they hire with respect and decency.

And beyond this, I just want to expand. I’m not perfect.  In fact, perfection is a myth.  Perfection is an ideal.  Yet it is a marketing tool.

I can guarantee you that I will continue to make mistakes in this life.  Hopefully their severity will be minimal and they will be of the garden variety.

As I drove through the night, many things passing through this head of mine.  Trying to process, trying to validate and lay to rest so many thing.

‘Runaway Train’ filtered over the radio and I found myself tearing up. The past yet again haunting.  (See link to video below)

Will I ever break free of the pain?

Much to be done in the next while.  I won’t take myself to task for feeling what I do.  It only make me that much more human.

IMG_4179Cruise May 9, 2014 498

And as dawn breaks I will throw my arms open in surrender  to the beauty of a new day and give thanks to the life source that infuses me, to the air, the earth, the trees, the ground, to the horse that stands beside me always.  And mostly I will dedicate this heart to be loving and forgiving in all our undertakings.






Trailers……You Lost Me at Please!

It has been absolutely beautiful weather wise here in Vancouver!  Summer has settled in quite nicely and the temperature is rising.

Nights are spent with a sheet covering me at most.  Even then it is often too hot.  I have one fan that is a good size that I lug from room to room.  I think I will head out this weekend and get a smaller one for my bedroom.

Last year I had taken the fan apart and cleaned it. (They can get quite dusty)

I put it together forgetting to screw the butterfly nut onto the propeller.  Propped it up in my room, turned it on and went to sleep.

A thunderous crash about an hour later had me leaping scared as hell from my bed.

You guessed it.  The propellor inside its cage had come off because someone we know (and love) (hey, I’m gonna milk it, okay?) forgot to put the screw on to hold it in place!

 fan 1

I can assure you it took quite some time to fall back into a blissful slumber after that little incident.

I am babbling though.  Gee. Haven’t done that in while, now have I?

So, yes, I need a smaller fan.  Not one that if it fell apart could potentially kill me.  That fan has never graced my bedroom since this occurrence. I have a far too active an imagination.  Visions of propellers flying through the night air slicing and dicing me like a kitchen chopper doesn’t induce one into the realm of relaxing nirvana.

As I drove into the office today I greeted the morning and cranked the radio up and rocked out to a few good tunes.

Lately the radio has been running ads for up coming TV summer series.  One is for ‘Extant’ that features Halle Berry.

The premise of the show is that she is an astronaught and goes out into space….alone…for a year. She is doing a bunch of strange experiments and somehow she manages to get knocked up though she has no memory of this.

(What did they put in her Tang?)

A line from the trailer played on the radio has Halle asking this question. Not too certain who she is talking to either.

“Please, just tell me what you did to me?”  Halle beseeches. 

And I couldn’t help myself and just burst into laughter.  it just had such a strange connotation to it.

Truth be told, I really don’t know if I’ll check it out.  The premise for it sounds ‘odd’?

Thing is I like Spielberg’s body of work, so it may be worth a gander.  There are a few things though that don’t add up right off.  First, I don’t think they would ever send just one person out into space.

Too expensive. 

The craft that she’s on appears to be quite big too.  That’s alot of work for one gal.

It seems to have the premise of the creepy old abanodoned house feel to it  that we see in horror flicks but it’s a few hundred thousand miles away floating about in space.  Hmmm.

(Halle… just don’t go into the ‘basement’ of the ship, ‘kay?)

Then of course she does go into the ‘basement’ and wakes up not knowing what the hell happened and pregnant to boot. 

I wonder why they always make aliens look so creepy in Sci-Fi movies?  Quite often their appearance is lizard-like. I’ve always liked the aliens in Star Trek and Star Wars.  They were what we affectionatley refer to as ‘humanoid’.  They resembled us but had distinctive attributes that dictated what area of the galaxy they were from.  Better not be from the Eastside of intergalactic hood.

alien 3Kirk & Co

The wise ones and Cap. Kirk’s battle buddy.

As we well know, life forms can take on a multitude of images and they might well not be in a state that we would recognize.  

Still something to be said for our collective imagination.  

etalien 2

Careful, ET, my friend. An Alien dude from the Eastside is stirring up shit.  Ate the teacher and left the apple.

If I were to put together a sci-fi outer space series, I would want to explore the big picture.  Really get into the meat of other ‘civilizations’.  Whether they are civilized by our definition of this term, well, that would be a shrouded mystery, now wouldn’t it? 

Next Generation was my favorite in the Star Trek series.  They explored a lot of psychological aspects that were really cool.  

Next genborg 2

I would want to put together a series that took it even deeper than that.  One thing I would explore is the idea of ownership in space.  

Kind of like how we, as humans, section off not only the land we thrive upon but the deep blue sea that surrounds us as well.  A portion  ‘belongs’ to Canada, to the USA, to Europe, to Africa, to Asia, etc.  The thing is, what one country does to their ‘piece of the ocean’ affects us all.  Just as what happens in another country on the other side of world does have an impact. It always will  Yet we have this NIMBY attitude.  Outta sight, outta mind as long as it doesn’t appear in my neck of the woods…I’m cool. 

We are kind of like an ostrich with our head in the proverbial sand at times.  

I would also want to explore the idea of intelligence.  The concept of it.  This really fascinates me. How we actually measure intelligence and decide who and what are bestowed with this gift of sorts. 

I recently watched a documentary on ‘The Nature of Things’.  The show followed the migration of the Monarch butterfly and how its migration was discovered and mapped.  

Such delicate creatures that undertake an amazing journey!  Why?  Don’t know. And they are equipped with sensors that are just incredible!   Is all that they do based upon instinct alone? 

I would want to explore the crop circles as a language and turn them into 3D images.  (And yes, I do believe they are a language)

And maybe one day I will have the opportunity to develop such a show.  

I wonder sometimes what would result if shows were created theoretically.  If ratings and advertising dollars weren’t an issue. 

What would it be like to create…just because.

What would it be like to live….just because. 

What would it be like to have no borders?

What would it be like to collaborate collectively on a global scale just because we are human.

The good of the people.  The respect and earnest interest in our well being…everywhere.  The desire to share knowledge freely.

We’ve put a price tag on so many things in this life.  Lebron James, for example plays basketball.  Yet the dude is worth multiple millions of dollars. Why?

I played basketball in high school.

Okay, I wasn’t very good and I’m a girl but I had fun! And I’m nice dammit! 

My point being that what if the challenge wasn’t monetary?

What if the challenge wasn’t power and control?

What if the challenge was…just because.   Hmmmm.

In any case, I will toddle off now.  Enjoy your day and as Mr. Spock so fondly states,

“Live long and prosper.”


The Hampster Wheel

I haven’t been very chatty lately.  Not like me, is it?   I am a little worried.  Just two more weeks and I’ll be pounding the pavement.  I’ve got my feelers out there, believe me. 

Today I contacted a temp agency.  She called me after receiving my resume and cover letter and we chatted.  I told her that I wanted to be set up in the event that I have not secured a position.  After our call ended she sent me her personal information. 

If I have not secured  another job then I will go in and complete the process with her. 

She felt certain after reviewing my resume that I would be put to work fast enough.  That’s reassuring.   

And I wanted to be focusing on my book launch and finishing the final touches on setting up the publishing company. 

I’m still moving forward with everything, but again, there is a slow down.

So I need to take a deep breath and move on. 

I’ll be back at it soon enough.  Just gotta figure out how to get out of this damn hamster wheel.

That’s what I liken the last few weeks as being.  I’m moving but not going anywhere!  

Fear not. I am a resourceful little gal. 

As Arnie so eloquently put it ‘I’ll be back.”