I wonder

I had a great run this morning.  The air was particularly perfumed with all the spring flowers that have been blossoming as of late.  So it was very fragrant indeed.  I have slight allergies I think because lately I walk outside and the eyes tear up and the nose starts to run.  That’s okay. It does not last long and I am not one for taking medications to stop these type of symptoms.  At the end of the day it is a minor inconvenience, nothing more.  For some, their allergies are extreme and then I can see the necessity in taking medication.  Still I think we over do it with the medications.  I want to be off the medications I am on at the end of the year.  I want the doctor to tell me the heart is just fine now and I no longer have to take blood thinners.  They are brutal.

That fall I had in the restaurant a few weeks back?  Well, the thigh is pretty much a deep purple now and it is the size of a huge grapefruit.  Funny thing though, it does not hurt.  I never used to bruise like this.  I am a bit on the clumsy side to begin with.  Since I have been on these things I have had bruises show up in the oddest places.

On the drive in today I got to thinking about this planet of ours.  I was watching a show on Doc Zone last night and I ended up turning it off because I just found the angle of it too frightening.  It was about the robotics now used in warfare and how they are anticipating that down the road a war will be fought by robots.  They are already doing it with drones and things of the like.  It conjured up some really frightening scenarios for me.  Oddly enough Woodstock, the movie was on as well,  so I turned that on.  The juxtaposition wasn’t lost on me.

I watched as a generation took a stand against war.  They took a stand against how business was being conducted and what was being done to the planet.  There was an innocence in that movie.  The rapture that everyone felt as they partook in what is likely one of the most poorly planned events ever, and yet one of the most successful in terms of the number that gathered.  That everyone just chilled and got high and got into the music, that was cool.  I found it funny when the MC was warning the crowd about some bad acid that was going around.

I was eleven years old when Woodstock took place.  It was definitely a very different time in our history.  I wonder what happened to that idealism?  I wonder why we feel it necessary to build robots that can kill for us.  At some point this world could be locked into a real time video game of strategy and cunning only difference is real people will die.  And I got to thinking why we can’t see past our borders.  We all share this planet.  What happens half way around the world very much affects us all.  It doesn’t stop at our borders, as much as we like to think it does.

I was sitting at a red light and looked over into the park next to me.  A man was sitting on a bench in the rain.  His dog was sitting beside him on the bench as well.  They were both looking out over the park in front of them.  Both looked very contemplative in their thoughts.  I smiled and wondered what the man was thinking about then what his dog was thinking about.  I wondered if they both enjoyed the cleansing feel of the rain as it washed over them.  I like rain.  A lot of people I know don’t care for it all that much, but rain itself, I like.  I don’t particularly care for the wind and cold aspect of it…but generally I like rain.

I wonder if we will ever get to the point where we just accept each other and really make a concerted effort to get along with each other.  We have so much abundance.  We have so many resources and we have an incredible amount of ingenuity.  Why not use it in a good way?

This life holds so many mysteries for us.  And while we all may have one destination in mind, there are a thousand different ways to get there and shouldn’t that be the fun of it?  When we all reach our final destination and share how we got there?

I don’t want to think about warfare and robots.  Let’s spread the love people.  I really think it is just that simple.

Have a fabulous day.


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