The Long & Short of It

If there is one thing I love it is all the little phrases that we humans have come up with that make absolutely no sense.  And truth be told, the majority of politicians and lawyers have gotten very good at saying absolutely nothing in a very long and drawn out way.  They string together hundreds of words rarely used in conversation all to tell us what?  That they all read the dictionary during high school? That they are all masters of the language?

Here is an example.

‘Should I inadvertently become discombobulated during the the electoral debate please note the disingenuous articulation of my opposition and their continued abnormalities in discussing what is fact or what they would have you believe is fact and know that it is this convoluted  and contrived hysteria that they are trying to instill in the masses so that they might gain leverage with the electorate and discount and trivialize the extreme efforts I have afforded to the public and will continue to do so.’

This is a rather exaggerated sample that I have made up to illustrate my point.  What does it mean?

‘Should I do terrible during the debate don’t believe my opponent as they are only trying to mislead you  to gain your vote and I feel I have served the public very well during my term and would like to continue to do so.’

What do we hear in the long and drawn out explanation is someone who is what…educated?  Intelligent?  Articulate?  Or do we hear someone who is perhaps deceiving and misleading us?

What is funny as well is that you have all the pundits on the sidelines just waiting to take each word spoken and tear the statement apart and then analyze the true meaning then have a debate amongst themselves as to what the angle is in all this and do they think the statement that was made was in fact successful.

Language is a fascinating topic.  All forms of it.  I particularly enjoy the body language part of it as well.  You can tell if something has been staged or rehearsed usually.  If a politician won’t deviate from the mandate they have been given to discuss and just stay on point, they are playing it safe.  In truth, the majority of them do tend to go with this type of agenda.  Prior to any debate the questions are released to the candidates so they have their answers prepared and they likely work with a team who will provide several scenerios so that the candidate can practice the rebuttal portion as well.

Of course, we all love it when a politician goes off point and puts their foot quite eloquently in their mouth.  When George Bush misquoted the “Fool me once….” quotation that was gold.  The pundits had a field day.  Perhaps though that was part of his ‘charm’.  I am Canadian and I could not understand how this guy got elected to office.   But looking back on it perhaps it was all his little screw ups that made him so human, so ordinary.  I don’t know.

As I said I am Canadian and I don’t know how Stephen Harper got elected to office either.  He is this odd combination of the Ken doll meets Mr. Rogers.  He is not the most eloquent of speakers and funny, we really haven’t had someone in a long time who when they spoke made it feel like chocolate being poured over the body.

Always though, we really need to listen to the underlying message.  And when an election is underway these days they seem to be more of a smear campaign against their opponent.  I get rather tired of hearing the same platforms rehashed in yet another way to make us believe that anything will really change.  The platforms they all run on you are likely well versed in is,  say it with me people:

“Education, Health Care, Jobs, Daycare, Affordable Housing, and Taxes.”

The one thing that has been consistent is that the taxes keep going up.

Well, I am going to head off now and ponder a few other words and phrases now and hope at some point that we get someone into office that really does know what they are doing and does have the electorates best interests in mind.

If not, guess I will just have to take over the world, eh?

Enjoy your day everyone.


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