Interestingly enough I was thinking about the season’s this morning on my drive into the gym.  We could not have asked for a better way to begin summer.  The sky is a beautiful deep blue and the sun is making a full on appearance today.  For many of us, summer marks the beginning when we can get out there and have some fun.  Barbeques and beaches are synonymous with the summertime.  Backyard get togethers, a quick dip on a hot day.  We have extended daylight during the summer months as well, even though today is technically the longest day of the year, we will still have those evenings of watching the sunset at 9:30 – 10:00 PM. 

Somehow the other seasons just don’t measure up to summer now do they?  Particularly winter.  Winter gets trashed the most, though many who are fans of snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding won’t complain as much.  Winter, like its counterparts, has its charm.  Spring and Autumn are vibrant seasons.  They are transitioning months and are very dynamic in their own right.  They are the polar opposite of each other, just as summer and winter are.

Summer has a lazy and laid back attitude about it.  And perhaps that is why we like it so much. 

Always though, our planet will continue on its wobbly course around the Sun.  Shifting ever so slightly with each turn.  Never to be repeated in exactly the same manner again.  We are just a spec in this universe, in this galaxy, in time.  And as I pointed out yesterday, time is something only we measure.  Oddly enough we live in a timeless space that far reaches our wildest imaginings. 

Some nights I will be laying in bed and just wonder what is out there.  Does it have an end?  Or does it just go on?  That is hard to imagine at times. Of just this vacuous space that in never-ending and that encompasses god only knows how many galaxies in its wake.  Just this continuum of energy that embodies and surrounds us.  And I think about other life forms and what they are like and where they are.  It would be foolish and highly egotistical to believe for a second that we are the only life forms in this endless bounty of space.  We are not alone, of this I am certain. 

Of course, we humans tend to get paranoid about these things.  I love the good ol’ Hollywood movies that always save us from the aliens who come to assimilate and destroy us.  Personally I like to think of the ET variety of alien.  Of course, another favourite summertime event are the movie blockbusters that come out around this time of year and I am sure there are a few ‘nasty alien’ movies in the mix this year. 

I don’t know about you, but I would love to sit and converse with an alien.  That would totally rock.  So this summer I am going to put it out there.  If any aliens of the ‘out-of-this-world’ variety would like to stop by for a chat, the bar is always open.  I will keep you posted on how this open invitation works.

I suppose one thing that does bother me is when a person from another country is referred to as an alien.  I just don’t get this.  We are all human, first and foremost.  The borders and boundaries are in our head.  The threat posed?  That they will come into our borders and take our life away from us by taking our jobs, etc. 

We need to change how live in this world.  We need to change the hierarchy.  As I have stated before, I am planning on world domination and once this has occurred I think I will have a very happy planet on my hands. 

Happy solstice everyone!  Summer is here and she wants us to play.




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