I was up late last night grinding out yet another chapter.  Following a thought.  I like to do this with pen in hand and notebook at the ready.  Over the past year I have filled about six or seven notebooks.  I was looking through some of them and you know the funny part of it is that I use perhaps half of what goes into the notebooks and even then the transcription comes out very different from the raw thought that has been committed to the page. 

The idea when I do these little writing excursions is to play with words.  Just let an idea come forward then immerse myself in it and release it onto the page with very little thought to structure.  I get lost in the emotion of writing.  I become the ink on the page. 

A couple of paragraphs that I wrote last night made me giggle because they really don’t make much in the way of sense and I thought I would share them with you. 

“Pure thought is a high ideal to attain.  Most of what passes through the grey matter is broken fragments of what I like to refer to as a convoluted mess.  Pure? Not quite.  Original?  Depends I suppose.”

What I believe I was trying to reiterate is an actual visual of what thought would look like moving through the brain.  Yes, I know.  Strange to even consider.  The next one makes even less in the way of sense.

“A single touch could quite simply reduce me to a quivering mess but could be the key to unlocking this discombobulated woman to proportionate heights.”

Hmmmm.  I am discussing sex now or beginning to.  I am analysing and let’s just leave it at that.  Yes, just analysing and playing with words.  I love playing with words.  And here is the last bit that I will share.  These passages by the way will not make it into the book, but they are fun to read back . 

“There is nothing boring here.  Exploration is fascinating, yes? Keep in mind, sexual positions  will not resemble a pretzel as I am a rather linear person.”

Interesting.  I was at this point thinking about an article that I had read that said everyone should have sex with a Yogi (someone who practices and/or teaches Yoga) at least once in their life.  My comment above is a statement of my lack of flexibility and I have looked at sexual positions and wondered if they are even fun.  Some appear to be an awful lot of work. Some of them look very risky.  One wrong move and you really could hurt yourself.  There is one where the man and woman are in a table top position and kind of connect that way, end to end.  Being in a raised position just kind of bumping each other, well, it’s not for me.  I would fall over very quickly. 

We humans do have quite the imaginations though, don’t we?

So my dilemma right now is figuring out what to condense the ramblings from last night into.  Today is the day that the thoughts are polished up and made into structured and coherent dialogue that can be digested fully by the reader.

I love doing this blog as well.  It is a fabulous practice.  Writing is like anything I suppose. If you practice it often, you will become better at it.  That’s my take on it.  It is fun as well for me to pull out a notebook from a long time ago and read the ideas I was chasing at that time.  The ‘raw thought’ as I like to think.  You can’t really do that with a computer.  It just isn’t quite the same.  So I will continue with my odd little habit of writing and exploring words. 

Have a fabulous day everyone and thanks again for listening to the ramblings of this eccentric blonde. 



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