In Training (Day 21)…Moving Forward

Yesterday morning I had a great run.  I got up a 5:00 AM as per usual for my Friday run but decided to add another kilometer.  So I did a 6K run.  I would like to build up to 7K over the next few weeks.  I want to make running 7-10K distances a normal occurrence.  I want them to feel like they are less of a challenge, you know?

I am going to begin exploring the route I will be running.  I was talking with a co-worker who ran it last year and she was telling me some of the surprises such as a hill at 18k.  So I am going to get to know the route and its nuances so that I can be mentally prepared as well.

Every runner knows that when you are taking on a new challenge it is as much psychological as it is physical.  I say this too because my co-worker made a comment later about really struggling when she hits the 18k mark of a race.  I asked her if she thought it had anything to do with coming upon that hill in her first 1/2 marathon last year.  She paused for a moment and agreed that might well be the cause.  For example, if you know that a hill is coming you can fuel up for it, slow your pace a bit to prepare for the additional exertion that will be required.

I have made it a point to get to know the route I am running prior to the race.  It just makes sense to me.  Now I know we can’t always do this, but if it is at all possible then I would.  This race will be incorporating many areas of Vancouver.  It starts off going downhill.  From what I understand the first 10-12K is relatively easy and not physically very taxing.  I think I would prefer this to be the second part of the run.  Get all the hard stuff out of the way first, but alas, that is not the case.  So I will need to know where the hills are and where I will be most challenged.

Tomorrow morning we are running a 10K.  I am ready for it.  Later in the day I will be a route marshal for the Alzheimer’s Walk for Memories.  Looking forward to it.

I am making changes in my life these days.  Changes that are necessary for me to continue to grow.  Running has certainly given me an internal strength that has developed into a confidence that I don’t believe I have known before.  There is a sense of simply accepting the next road I need to move toward.

I am up for it and look forward to all that opens before me.  And you know, I am very thankful for all that I have in my life now.  The lessons that have been offered up and what I have taken from them continues to help me expand.

And I hope I can get to that place in my life where I can just be. At a seminar last year a woman told me that she had an ‘enoughness’.  There wasn’t really anything more that she needed in her life.  She felt a completeness.  That struck me and I found myself wondering how I might achieve this state of enoughness.  I’m not there yet.  That I do know.  I am moving in the right direction though.

A funny thing occurred this morning.  I had purchased some Yoga DVD’s.  At least I thought they were all DVD’s.  It turns out one was a CD.  I messed about for 45 min. trying to get the image up.  I called my daughter who asked me if it was a CD.  I felt rather silly in that moment realizing that I had in fact purchased a CD.

I have never been talked through Yoga before.  I didn’t try it either.  I was too stressed from trying to get my zen on that I opted for a hot shower instead.

Technology.  You’ve got to love it.

Wel, enjoy your day everyone.  Onward ho!


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