In Training (Day 23)…Changes

Yesterday was a great day.  I went to my running clinic on Sunday morning.  We were running for 60 minutes so looking at 10k.  In the hour we did 9.5k at a pace of 6.47 per kilometer.  Not bad for the 4th week of training.  I felt strong.  Felt like I had more in me and that, my friends, is something I definitely need. It was a grey morning and the rain held off until the afternoon.  After the run I went to my daughter’s home to clean up.  She fed me breakfast and I showered up then headed down to Stanley Park.  I had signed up as a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Walk for Memories.

My role yesterday was as a route marshal.  It did rain, though it was at least a light rain.  The heavy rain held off until the late afternoon.  I was stationed with another woman at the final leg of the walk so I had the pleasure of applauding everyone for their efforts.  It was a 5k event.

The final gentlemen was an old man on his own.  The other route marshals came along to advise that we were finished and could return to the pavilion.  This fellow was a bit behind us now so I turned back and took his arm and walked up the hill to the pavilion with him.

He told me that he was 94 years of age!  That just blew me out of the water.  Yes, he didn’t move that quickly but hell, at 94 he just walked 5k in about 1 hours and 20 minutes.  That people is very inspiring to me.

When I departed from his company I told him I would see him here next year and I will definitely come out to support this event again and I hope that I do see him again.

I have had a few major shift occur in the last week.  Ones that have challenged me to look inward.  Ones that have challenged my to take stock of where I am at and if I am happy at this station of my life.

Truthfully, I am not happy where I am at.  I am going to have to step out of my comfort zone and take some chances now.  That is the only way that I will continue to grow.

I have in the last few years developed a confidence in self.  It is not arrogance.  Not at all.  If anything I am looking at how I can better serve the world I live in.  The quest is really on now to find my full potential and to live it.  Always it seems I have these echoes that hold on and seemingly don’t allow me to move forward.

It is a mirage, nothing more.  The fears surrounding success are unwarranted.  You may question the statement I have made but I think it is valid.  If you go through your early years being told you can’t do anything, failure is what you expect of yourself.  When success begins to occur, it is a strange animal indeed and if you are like me, you wait for the bottom to drop out.

When that does not happen a funny thing happens.  You begin to believe in yourself, however small.  Then it begins to grow and blossom.  Soon you find yourself looking in the mirror asking yourself why you didn’t embark upon these changes sooner.

I have been given many opportunities over the years.  I have had to work through the real and imagined issues as they have presented themselves.  I say imagined for the simple reason that at times I have created scenarios in my head as to why I shouldn’t do something.

I don’t think like that anymore.  If I do then I adjust the thought pattern.  And so the changes continue.

Enjoy your Monday everyone and thanks again for stopping by.


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