Are We There Yet? (Points of Interest…At Least for Moi)

I woke in the dark of morning.  Yes, the days have quickly begun to shorten in length.  The remnants of an strange dream slipped out of reach.  Try as I might, the images that had been conjured in the realm of sleep could not be brought into the waking world.

This has been an unusual year thus far.  Several challenges have risen that I had not anticipated

And another week has slipped into our memory banks somewhere.  For each of us we have recorded different events, different emotions, different perspectives and the list could go on and on.  All of our experiences and energy will combine to move this world into various directions, good and bad.

I got to thinking about what has been offered up by the media as of late garnering global attention.  Of course the story that seemed to have newsmakers everywhere gushing was the birth of a new Prince.  I am and always will be perplexed by the odd obsession people have over the royal family but that’s just me.

There was a guy who entered a beer drinking contest and drank six (6) litres of beer in twenty (20) minutes.  He died.

Wiener, who is running for mayor of NYC, was caught ‘Sexting’ again.  For the record, he isn’t sorry that he is doing this.  He is sorry that he got caught…again.  Just wanted to clarify that.

Then we have the uproar of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine putting the Boston Marathon bomber on its cover giving the appearance of a rock star.  You have to know that everyone and his dog ran out to get copy and then protested belligerently at the magazine’s audacity in giving him ‘celebrity status’.

Today is Mick Jagger’s birthday.  He is seventy (70) years old.  I am not a huge fan of this band.  Guess I am a little weird in that I just never got into them.  Yes, they have produced some decent music over the years but they don’t do much me.  In any case, Happy Birthday Mick.

A few months ago I was at a friend’s house and she and her husband played the 50th anniversary show.  Two of my friends went on about Mick and how sexy he was and that they would sleep with him in a heartbeat.  Yes, they would have sex with him!   I cringed thinking about this.  Total ‘ick’ factor for this girl.

Bruce Springsteen then came out to do a song with Mick.  I perked up then and gleefully told them that this was a ‘real’ man and I would have sex with anywhere he wanted to. Bruce is my kinda man.

So what other news worthy events have been occurring.  Detroit has declared bankruptcy.  My daughter and I discussed the idea of Canada ‘purchasing’ the city.  It is a curious idea actually.

Then a few weeks back we had George Zimmerman who was found ‘not guilty’ in the shooting death of seventeen (17) year old Treyvon Martin.  This one confounded me.  I don’t get the race thing.  I really don’t.

Did anyone think to consider Treyvon?  Here you have a 17 year old kid walking home.  He has this weird, creepy guy following him.  He is getting a little freaked out as a result.  A confrontation occurs and likely the young man felt threatened.  How would you feel if you suddenly discovered the weird, creepy guy who had been following you was carrying a gun?

Just leave race out of it.  Think about yourself as a 17 year old and if someone was following you, with a gun, no less.  How would you respond be as the adrenaline and fear coursed through you?

Yet even as we listened to the police telling George ‘to back off’ he didn’t listen to them, now did he?

George had appointed himself the neighborhood watchdog.  He would keep everyone in his gated community safe from the evils of the world.  Safe from unarmed black youth.

Had this been a white boy with a hoody, would George have followed him?  Treyvon at no time did anything wrong.  Yet it’s amazing to me that this young man was instantly considered suspect.

And good ol’ George got off.  Go figure.  A jury of six (6) white women.  What happened to the number twelve (12) by the way?  I always thought there was supposed to be a dozen jurors.  And should it not have been mixed?  A few men in there?

Yet, these women believed that George was attacked and threatened therefore giving him the right to defend himself and shoot this young man.

I don’t understand it.

If you were a neighborhood watch person, why not approach the person amicably?  Say ‘Hi there.  How is your night going?  Do you require assistance of any kind?  I haven’t seen you in this area before and if I can be of help, please let me know.’

How you approach a situation is key to the direction it will take.  This one didn’t go down so good.

And so the news stories continued to filter into my grey matter.  Egypt just tossed out their President.

There are cyclones over the Artic that are chewing up the ice flows.  Extreme weather patterns.  Torrential floods in some areas to soaring heat waves.  Global warming and odd infestations.

End of the world?  Is that what you’re thinking?

Nah.  Just another day in paradise, my friends.  We fret far too much at times.  Get a wee bit paranoid, a wee bit skeptical.

Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and be thankful for the life that your are afforded.  It is fleeting after all.

Enjoy your evening, my friends.



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