The Business of Blogging

As I approach my 400th post, I have to stop and wonder about this whole blogging thing.  For me, it began and has been a tool that I have adopted in order to write on a regular basis to become better at the craft.  And I have covered any number of topics, have I not? When this whole thing started my daughter advised me to have a specific topic to blog about.  She said I would have more success because those that chose to follow my posts had an interest in whatever the topic was.

This idea derailed soon enough.

Honestly, I tried to adhere to that rule of thumb but hell, this head of mine has too much traffic in it at times.  I loosened the ropes and just decided to run with whatever topical inspiration happened to trigger a series of thoughts that could later be translated into the written word.

And here we are just shy of two years in this endeavour and if you’ve followed this blog then you’ll know I can be a little long-winded. You will know that I have had some health issues, that I love to run, that I love to move and that I love to play.  You may have picked up on the fact that I come from an abusive past and that I’ve been working on some major issues over the last few years.  I’ve displayed my sense of humour which can be a little strange I admit, and I’ve  tossed in a few poems along the way.

I’ve discussed political issues, women’s issues, health and beauty issues.  Am I opinionated?  Most definitely.  Am I open to new ideas?  Most definitely.  I have an incredibly curious mind and a big heart.  I do hope these qualities have been expressed through my writings.

Lately I’ve been getting emails about workshops on how to make my site super successful with 1,000’s of hits per month.  After 22 months of blogging, I have 226 followers from WordPress, 4,337 hits and 282 comments.  I have never had an award offered up and if I were to, I would really like it to be because something I wrote was really good and profound in some manner.

I’ve never been ‘Freshly Pressed’.  You can put me on straight out of the dryer, baby!  I also don’t have a clue how to attain such things.  I am told I need to focus on these aspects of marketing, however, because I will be publishing the book soon.

I have done due diligence and researched the publishing arena.  Currently I am working on the website.  The cover will be completed soon.  The eBook is formatted so now just the hard copy version needs to be done.

I have sourced out what to do for a book launch as well.  I hope the book does well. Yes, I am self-publishing.   Some of the reasons I opted to go this route are as follows.  It is a very personal story and one I did not feel comfortable selling the rights to.  Also I want to learn about the publishing industry.  What better way than to throw myself onto the fire?

I am not going to be relentlessly telling everyone to ‘buy my book’.

I will use threats and innuendo instead.  I will come and stand at you through your window all night and stare at you.  Totally creep you out!  Much more effective marketing campaign, don’t you think?

You’ll begin to wonder ‘What’s wrong with that woman?’

To which I’ll reply ‘Wanna find out, then buy the book!’

I am teasing of course.  I do want to thank all of you’ve who’ve signed on and who follow my ramblings.  This may not be a hugely successful site in terms of numbers but I am delighted with the response I’ve received thus far.  This blog was my first foray into writing for public consumption.  It’s been a fabulous journey thus far.  And so I will continue to learn and grow.

I have a new batch of words that I need to check on.  Hope I didn’t water them down too much.

Enjoy your day everyone and thank you again for hangin’ in with me.  It is very much appreciated on my end.




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