The Surreal Mind

world 3

Fertile.  Abstract.  Immense. Changing…always.

We are bound by constants.  Everything that we seemingly are or appear to be can be explained in some fashion or another.  Our DNA dictates our physicality but what else does it dictate?  Our soul?

We are each so similar and yet world’s apart at times.

The magic lies in the egg itself.  Each one containing a different set of variables for each and every one of us.  Ever wonder why we don’t all look the same such as our primate cousins, the erstwhile chimpanzee?

We’ve been chasing the answer to these questions from the womb.

Then we come to the mind.  It is surreal to me.  What thought is born when the neurons are ignited exciting the senses is never repeated in another individual.  Furthermore, seldom do we ever experience the same thought in a precise manner.

Even as I write this, words fight for dominance.  Ideas push forward wanting recognition as I’m  hoping the scrap of paper beholden to this task is big enough.

I think of the surreal mind as thought without borders.  Regardless of how dark, twisted or light and breezy the content, it is given credence.


I am a fan of Surreal Art forms.  I have found myself many times at the Vancouver Art Gallery getting lost in fucked up images that send my imagination into overdrive.  I want to expel the build up that explodes in my head.  Images are stirred to counter the ones I am viewing.

Stories erupt with the images and quickly fade.  All of it is organic and based solely on the visual smorgasbord that I am feasting on.

At times the experience can border on orgasm…it is that rich for me.

I am jealous that there are those who are gifted enough to give their thought visual articulation.  I am equally in awe and appreciation to them for letting us see what’s in their mind’s eye.


I am reduced to using words to paint with.  It will have to suffice.

Always we look for an explanation as to why we are the way we are.  While generalities exist for most conditions to stimuli, no two people will ever react exactly the same.

Be it a horrific experience or a very pleasant one inevitably there will be subtle differences in how each of us responds.

Why does someone who lives a healthy lifestyle end up dying of cancer at the age of 50 when another who has smoked and drank their entire life, lives to be 90 years of age?

The variables are astronomical.

And here I am on a magnificent day in Vancouver feeling the energy that envelopes me and God, I feel so high right now.  Why then don’t I feel this always?  Today it’s have if every molecule of my being is being re-born.

What is passing through this head of mine, well, I can’t keep up with the thoughts and images that are racing through me.

I am feeling more alive at this moment than I have in months.  Trying to absorb all that surrounds, trying to feel all that is, wanting, wanting wanting.  But what, I cannot say.

Awakening the passions, the desire, the lust, the brevity of emotions that feel so full to bursting right now.

The mind cascading with so many abstract and random ideas.  I’m trying to hang on to them but they are quickly replaced by another.

I close my eyes and feel the sun play against the lids.  There is so much beauty surrounding me in this moment.  I am overwhelmed.  All I can do is remain open to this energy that is flooding me.

The surreal mind.  I just want to let everything that I am feeling at this moment run amok.  Spellbound, star struck, memorized, bedazzled….

I am all those.  And I will hang onto this moment with my typical tenacity.  Eventually I’ll have to let it go.  Not just yet.

It’s never too late.  Never give up.  Fight for it. Live it. Breathe it.

And if you feel that you’re living in a cardboard world just find the spark, the flame, the passion.  Run with it.  If this is your truth, your love, your path…you’ll know it.


Mine is there before me.  Time to turn what’s in my head into life.



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