Picture This…Part Two Autumn 2013

Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 018Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 019Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 007

Robson Street in early Autumn colours

Like the trees last autumn I lost all my ‘foliage’ as well.  I love this time of year.  The colours are just so vibrant.  That last call of life before the leaves descend to the ground.

We were blessed with a spectacular summer and as Autumn approached we continued to enjoy Vancouver at her finest.

Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 014Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 012

Colourful pumpkins and gourds now lined the shelves at local grocery stores.

Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 061Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 046Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 075Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 084Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 064

View of English Bay from Davie and Denman Street.  Finding funny in the bushes of the West End and one of my favorite coffee shops.  All are decked out in fall attire.

My feet were numb at this point due to the chemotherapy.  I couldn’t run.  I could walk though and made it a point to get out at lunch and take in my surroundings.  I was still trying to get into the gym periodically, but admittedly it was becoming a challenge.Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 128

Deer Lake Morning Fog Oct 19 134

Terry Fox memorial at BC Place

The courage of Terry Fox is forever remembered and held close in the hearts of many.  During this period every time I passed by his statue, and I made it a point to go by it often, I was reminded of his fight.  And somewhere in me I accepted the torch to continue the fight against cancer.

Mystic MornMelting RoseMystic morn 2

Deer Lake Park on a misty Saturday morning

As Autumn began to fade to winter we were waking to some spectacular sunrises.  My photography group decided to head down to Deer Lake Park and catch the sunrise.  We all arrived at 6:30 AM on this Saturday morning.  There was a great deal of ice on the lake now and we never did see the sun come up though we were assured that it was somewhere beyond the mists that we found ourselves shrouded in.

We had a great time none the less.  Something about fog that holds a certain mystery to it.  I felt as though I were in another realm.


As October came to a close I had finished up with chemo and now awaited the radiation treatment.  My photography group went to All Soul’s Night at a local cemetery.  It was a beautiful night and an absolutely spectacular event.

I was able to witness a variety of cultures coming together to honour those who have passed before us.  There was song and music played on instruments I’ve never seen before.  I gave pause many times that night considering the importance in these events.

The Head2013-09-16 06.53.46

And I soldiered on trying to accept what was being done to my physical self.  Kept the smile firmly in place along with the wig.  I fought on, never giving the fear that crept up an audience.

Any anger that simmered beneath the surface was extinguished.  I refused to go there.

In mid-November I began radiation treatment. This was by far the most brutal experience to my person.  And as I fought through, at times I began to feel that I was slipping up a bit.  Did I need to do this?  Was it to my benefit or to my detriment?

Oddly, I don’t know the answer to this yet.

But I need to restore my energy body.  I need to surrender to a forgiving and loving heart.  There can be no room for ill will.

I made the choices that I did based on the information that was provided to me.

I hope you are enjoying the images that I shot last year.  As stated, these are some of my favorites.  I likely took about 2,000 pictures last year.  In all of them I am trying to capture just a little of the beauty and magic of this everyday life I’ve been given.

Enjoy your day. Namaste.


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