Picture This….Part Four…Hope Springs Eternal

Spring is a time of re-birth.  The trees, shrubs and plants that were skeletal during the winter months begin to produce little nubs and then there is an explosion of colour.

2014-04-08 14.04.24

Perhaps it’s a reminder of the cycle of life.  And with each renewal our trees become taller and more robust.  Their grandeur that much more majestic than the year before.

Yet in one swift moment we have the ability to destroy them.

Oh, I know, that trees suffer from disease just as we do.  And I understand the necessity of culling the forest and the need for materials to build shelters, etc.

Should we not also be the guardians of this planet?

Perhaps at some point we were and I have to wonder when it all went awry.

2014-04-08 14.04.302014-04-08 13.35.572013-11-28 09.45.30


These were taken in Vancouver’s West-End a couple of days ago on a walk-a-bout on my lunch hour.  

If we are the guardians on this world of ours, perhaps it is time to shift the footprint we are leaving behind.  Take off our steel-toed boots and put on our slippers or perhaps just go barefoot.

A rather abstract analogy, I know.

2014-03-27 13.24.092014-04-08 13.37.442014-04-08 13.33.55

Some of the local flora that is currently in bloom. 

And in this mix I need to rebuild.  The body has gone through a major trauma.  At the end of this what will make or break me is one thing.  Hope.

Never lose it.  Always aspire to it.  Be open to it.

2014-04-08 13.41.53The delicacy of life lies in the promise that it will always carry on.  We have our dark moments, our voids.  This too, is part of the cycle.  Day is always followed by night and vice versa.

May I never tire of watching the sun rise or set.  May the beauty of a cherry blossom continue to thrill.  May I continue to enjoy the movement of running, of walking of breathing. And may love and hope eternal remain nestled in this heart of mine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a few of my photo faves.  It is amazing how much time I actually spent going through them.  Indeed, another delightful activity.

2014-04-08 13.41.10

Enjoy your day.



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