A Horse of Course!



A beautiful Autumn morning over the Pyke & Buckley’s Ranch

A little over a month ago I attended an informal annual gathering for Windermere Secondary School alumni that Serge Biln has been organizing for the last five years.

I met a couple of women four years my junior who graduated in 1980, Trudi and Jen.  Jen works at a horse ranch located in Langley, BC, about a thirty to forty-five minute drive from my home.

Jen left an open invitation to come out to the ranch to take some photos of the horses.  Yesterday morning I took advantage of the invitation.

I love horses.  For as far back as I can remember I’ve been so completely enamored by them.

As a child laying in bed desperately trying  to block the echoes of my parents fighting from my mind, it was the spirit of the horse that came and took me on wistful adventures during those terrors.

Throughout my life it has been this spirit that has guided and comforted me and urged me to move forward challenging me to be true to myself. Quietly powerful and gently reassuring the spirit and energy of the horse is forever in my heart, in my soul.

Yesterday I once again felt somewhat star struck as I ventured out among these majestic beings.  Always, they take my breath away.

With camera in hand, I stepped out wanting to capture a little of each horse’s individuality.  Of course it was entirely dependent upon them whether they wanted to participate.  I had about eight horses that were curious as to what I was up to and there were a couple that were absolute divas that struck pose after pose and were quite insistent that I capture their ‘good side’.


“Look into my eyes!  You are getting sleepy, sleepy….!

I fell totally in love with this fella.


These were taken at Pyke & Buckley’s Performance Horses ranch.

A big thanks to Jen and to Melissa for letting me mingle with the locals.  Enjoy!

While I think I have the majority of the names down pat, there are a few that escape my memory at the moment.


I was asked to keep my distance as this horse is very spirited which I totally respect.

From the photograph above to the ones that follow I found this beautiful and dynamic beauty to be incredibly inquisitive and wonderfully receptive. 


Heading out to the paddock and then later when I returned for a little one on one he approached, cautiously at first.


He checked me out then decided he was up for the interview and flashed one of many charming smiles.


We discussed politics, the weather and then it got really deep as we pondered the meaning of life.


He was insistent that this was his best side then flashed a rather cavalier smile my way.


Of course he offered up his come hither look playfully peeking up over the fence.


Watching me as I took my leave.


Beside him was this beauty named Luna


Luna is a little on the shy side but she was very gracious and did let take a couple of shots of her.


She insisted that this was her best side. Can’t argue with that but she looked good from every angle.


And like my beauty above, Luna watched me take my leave as well


Here is Jen with Sonny.  He is a small quarter horse and just the sweetest little guy.  This is the only horse I shot in the stable as he was not being taken outside at that time. 

I knew that many of the horse might find the flash intimidating so this was the only instance where it was used.


What a little beauty!


Meet Malaki


She was quite persistent and demanding that I take her photo and I was more than happy to oblige!


And I photographed her from every angle


Yes Malaki, you are beautiful!


Meet Seven


Seven was a little on the shy side but was accommodating. 


Peeking out rather coquettishly


Sharing Seven’s paddock was Scooby.


Scooby is very curious, animated and very friendly.


Scooby waxed poetic on the beautiful sky above after days of torrential rain.


Scooby insisted that I get both sides as I was informed that all sides were indeed glorious!  I am in total agreement.


Meet Norm


Norm is another wonderfully curious creature. 


Norm shares his paddock with the youngest member.


Meet Rocky, just a year old.


Jen and Rocky waited patiently as Norm was being positively rambunctious and playful.


The boys head off to kick up their heels and play.


These two have a great rapport


Norm at times seemed very protective of Rocky


And indeed, how can you not fall in love with this little guy?


Then we had the little kittens that were romping about the place having a time of it



What a beautiful Autumn morning!


And yes, some of the horses didn’t feel up to chatting. 

This cheeky fella just stuck his tongue out at me. 

I couldn’t help laughing and stuck mine out at him too.


And when it was time to go these two stood watching me walk back to my car.  Every time I turned back, there they were. 

I wanted to run back and hug them both.

But I got in the car and drove off as they stood watching me take my leave. 

Thank you!



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