The Big Picture

Yesterday I watched an online video featuring Gregg Braden.  I have become a fan of his books, his music and his talks as of late.  His approach to his topics are well researched and based on a multitude of facts.  One thing I have noted with the books and conferences I have read and viewed of his, is that he makes me pause, draw back and look at the big picture.

The man began his professional career in the sciences, so he tends to approach his subject matter with the analytical mindset of separating fact from fiction and weighing these against the current status quo.  So basically he takes current findings that are based on fact and weighs them against previous scientific conclusions that were at one time, and in many cases still are, considered accurate.  Perhaps it is not surprising that much of what is still being heralded as a “deep truth” can now be shown to be erroneous.

We humans are funny though.  We don’t like to be told that which we have accepted as solid fact and undeniable truth is, in fact, incorrect.  One of the things he was discussing yesterday was Darwin’s theory on evolution.  And while Darwin certainly challenged the thinking at the time, many of his conclusions, which were made based solely on his observations at that time, can now be proven to be incorrect.  Darwin didn’t have the luxury of DNA evidence available.  He didn’t have the availability of mass communication.

So while he challenged the thinking of the day, and rightly so, his conclusions were based on rather random evidence.

Much was discussed about earth cycles and patterns.  Furthermore, what was discussed is the possibility that our ancestors may well have been trying to forward information that could be very valuable as we come to the end of a world era and enter into a new one.  Gregg encourages that we work together to assist one another as we enter this time of change.  That in my mind, is the most important aspect of all of this.  Come what may, we need to work together.

It is interesting to me as well, that we don’t like to acknowledge our forebears with possibly having a more sophisticated knowledge base than we do.  Information has been lost to us.  Of this I do know.  There have been groups that have formed throughout history with their sole purpose to destroy the information they find offensive or repugnant.

One of the statements I liked yesterday was that we could spend our entire life experiencing an earth change and not even be aware of it.  Change is not always quick and to the point.  It can be a very long and drawn out affair.

I like having information presented to me in a manner that I might review later for myself should I choose to be skeptical.  I like having everything put on the table then looking at it from every angle.  I like removing myself and standing at a distance while I ponder it purpose.

Should you have the opportunity to view some of this man’s work, I would encourage you to do so.

Enjoy this day.