Swimming Upstream

In the face of adversity, lay back and drift on down the river.  That is what I would like to do, however, the problem with this theory is that eventually you could hit rapids which are extremely troubled waters indeed!

I feel like I’ve been swimming upstream for a very long time and I just decided to jump up in the air to see how far I’ve gotten. It looked eerily familiar to the last time I jumped out of the water.

It has been a tough week.  Let’s leave it at that.

A head cold sidelined me for the majority of the week.

Radiation begins next week.  Once I am through this treatment then I can truly get on with my life.  At the moment I feel restrained.

Then I read a letter that Burton Cummings of band The Guess Who wrote and published.  In it he talks about all the negative issues that are happening world wide.  He talks about his mother’s passing and laying her to rest and perhaps looking at his own mortality.

It had an impact and I replied. Whether he will see the response or not, I can’t say.  I hope so.  Below is my response.


With everything that is going on these days it is easy to feel overwhelmed, defeated.  

Yet I’ve caught glimpses of the beauty of the human spirit, of my true self and that is what drives me forward.  

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Cancer and I have undergone surgery and am now finishing up treatment.  

I have fared exceptionally well.  What I am taking from this experience is the urgency to live my life to its fullest potential.  

I am letting go of ego and inviting love in.  I am sending prayers out to the universe daily with the hope that this little filament of energy will join others and move to shift this world of ours to better place.  

These are little things, I know.  I blog about the need to change how we do business and challenge everyone to re-think profit.  

It starts with each of us.  

I am delighted that you are still singing, Burton.  Music is a balm to so many.  The reason you are so good at what you do is your passion for it.  

You have never lost your love for it, in fact, it has likely increased.  

Hope your solo shows are a fabulous and an intimate  connection for you.  

Change can happen and will.  It won’t be easy to adjust how we function in this world, but it is possible.  And this, I will always believe.



And you know, I’m glad I happened upon his letter.  It helped to lift me up and shake some of the agitation and irritability I have been experiencing off.  So I will get on with this and continue to plan and move forward.

At lunch today I commented on how tired I was wearing this wig.  Plaintively I whined with the eloquence of a spoiled child…”It’s itchy, its hot, it always looks the same!”  One of my co-workers smiled and said, “Then take it off.”

Again, a rather insightful moment and as my other co-worker pointed out.  “You are entitled to have a rant or two.”

Indeed.  Most of our conversation was in jest as well.  I am not one to bitch about my lot in life.  And things are getting better and will continue to do so.

I have been quiet this week…but then I don’t want the heaviness I feel at times to weigh on anyone reading my posts.

And with that…I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend.