The Stuff We’re Made Of

I went for dinner last evening with some old friends from school.  It was a pleasure to get caught up.

A discussion evolved regarding DNA and memory.  My friend was discussing a conference that she had attended.  One of the topics was the notion that DNA has memory stored in it.  The theory is this; the memories that your grandparents and parents acquired in their lifetime is passed along to you just as their parents DNA memory is passed along to them.  Memory is stored at a cellular level and therefore embedded in your chromosomes.

Considering that we are beings of energy this idea really has merit.  At least, for me it does.  Often I have wondered at why certain behaviours erupt that are so out of sync with who I am.  And it’s trying to understand what triggers such behaviours as well.  I am fascinated with the brain.

Just from my own lifetime and the traumas that have occurred and how I chose to deal with certain issues at various times in my life deserves a second or third look.  I can learn a great deal from observing my responses at certain points and where I was at in terms of my mental well-being.

Have you ever  met someone who seemed to have everything?  Good family, great education, great friends, a fabulous job.  Yet, they struggle with depression or some other foible.  I have heard it said when someone takes their life.  Those they leave behind ‘can’t understand it.  He/She had everything.  They seemed so happy.’

I have also met people who live difficult and challenging lives and yet they manage to go through tough times with such grace and humility that its enviable.

As I considered this I thought of all the traumatic events that have encompassed this world in very recent history.  Both my grandfathers were in World War l, my father was in World War ll.  They lived through the Great Depression as well.  And that doesn’t begin to cover the wealth of memories that were stored at a cellular level over the years in their energy bodies.

Then I have the traumas and memories that I have created in my lifetime.  Were they influenced by the DNA that provided life to me?  Something to think about, yes?

The thing of it is you can change these behavioural patterns that may well have been incurred at the moment of conception.  I have certainly changed my life in a big way and continue to do so.

It begins with awareness.  We are so much more than physical mass.  Our energy body expands upward of some 20 to 25 feet around us.  We are continually bombarded with a variety of stimuli.  Individually we make our choice of how we will respond to it.
For example, you walk into a room.  You’re feeling fabulous and you’ve been having a great day.  Everyone in the room, however, has just been told some very bad news and they are feeling collectively depressed.  You will likely, without even knowing what the bad news is, begin to feel your own mood shift.  The same is true if should you reverse this ideology.

I was thinking about the Winter Olympics that came here in 2010. On the first Saturday evening my friend and I came downtown to enjoy the revelry.  We had dinner at the Elephant & Castle and the first silver medal was won by Jennifer Heil for Canada.  The entire place spontaneously broke out in singing our national anthem.  The energy was electric.  After dinner we walked to the Olympic Torch and then on to Robson Square.  We arrived just in time for the Laser & Fireworks display having no prior knowledge that this was scheduled to occur and repeated nightly during the course of the Olympics.

And the love and good will that was born that night remained throughout the course of the event.  Indeed, I made it a point to walk over to Robson Square at every opportunity.  Hugs were a normal offering to anyone who so chose to offer and anyone who chose to accept.  It was a beautiful thing.

And that was positive energy on a huge collective scale.

We were discussing this on the drive in this morning.  Vancouver has several events that draw enormous crowds with no problems.  The Celebration of Light (i.e. Fireworks) which just finished up draws crowds typically of 300,000 to 400,000 people per night.  This year they had record crowds.

There are never any major issues.  Police deal with people having too much to drink.  They pour out alcohol and there are a handful of arrests typically for misdemeanors. Still for close to 20 years now they’ve carried on the last week of July into the first week of August without a hitch.

When the Stanley Cup riot occurred in 2011, for the lead up to the Game 7, crowds had been assembling to the tune of 150,000 or so in the downtown core.  Big screen TV’s were erected outside and there were no problems whatsoever.  On the last day, however, I have heard it said time and again that as early as noon on Game 7 day the energy was different downtown.  There was an ‘aggressive’ energy…the mood was far different from previous gatherings. It held a certain menace to it.

We have proven time and again that we can come together in large numbers and enjoy ourselves.  What changed?

Game 7 was a high anxiety day and there were a number of individuals whose intention was solely to create problems.  Why, I don’t know, but they did. This is where people have the choice.  Do you let the negative energy infuse you or do you hold it a bay and walk away.  It may sound difficult, but as I stated earlier, once you have an awareness of these things, recognizing how outside energy forces are affecting you becomes far more visible to your conscious self.

These examples of the energy body are quite common but they do provide insight.  Now when you begin to consider memory stored at a cellular level and how it can be transmitted from generation to generation, perhaps this can shed a whole new light are our awareness as to why certain behaviours and patterns still remain.

I will most definitely be sourcing out more information regarding this.

We have had an absolutely beautiful summer here in Vancouver this year.  I cannot remember when I’ve seen the grass has brown has its been this year. Typically we get a lot more rain.  So this has been a treat having these long stretches of sunshine.  It has not been too hot either.

Yesterday I went for a walk at lunch and as I walked past Lost Lagoon a soft breeze ran over my skin.  It had picked up the water’s mist from the fountain at the center of  the Lagoon.  I felt just the slightest sensation of the mist dancing over my skin before it evaporated.  It was a delightful sensation.

Back to work for me now. I have some reading material to obtain in the near future.