Queeens Park April 2015 099

She sits in the Rose Garden at Queen’s Park…a vision of peace and solitude

Just breathe.  Think of all the good things that are to come.

Just breathe.  Know that the current series of events being experienced are temporary.

I’ve not written a blog post in a couple of weeks now.  In the 3 1/2 years since beginning in this forum, this is the longest I’ve gone without expressing what’s been in my head.  I’ve been writing though.  Make no mistake.

I’ve even written a few posts that upon review were abandoned.

Queeens Park April 2015 029

A gift from a friend

Just breathe.   The pain will pass.

It has been four weeks now since I’ve had hot water in my home.  Tonight hot water was restored to my bathroom sink only.  All of this has thrown me into a quagmire of sorts.  Still, I adjusted my schedule and just made do.

And the posts I found myself tossing onto the page were more rants than anything else.  There was at times a rather petulant attitude dripping from the words that I felt didn’t serve the purpose of this blog at all.

I’ll muscle through.  I always do.


I need to bring my focus back to marketing the book and returning to good health.  Much more advantageous to focus on these avenues.

Last weekend I took my daughter to see the Fleetwood Mac concert at Rogers Arena here in Vancouver.  It was truly a spectacular show.  Stevie and Lindsay shared a few memories with us.  Mick was crazy on the drums and Christine was back in the fold!

This band now ranges in age from 65 to 71 years of age.  And they played without an intermission for over 2 1/2 hours.  We were beside the stage in the 10th row.  Fabulous seats!

Aging really is all in your head.  Keep moving  and doing the things you love and are passionate about and you’ll barley notice when the skin begins to sag a bit.

I’m working through the pain of the car accident.  It’ll be tough…but I’ll get there.

I went out for a walk on Easter Sunday and grabbed my camera.  I’ve not done this in a good long while.  An eagle soared above me and the trees look lovely in their spring green foliage.

These darker emotions that I’ve been experiencing I’ve channeled into the beginnings of a murder mystery.  I penned the first few chapters last weekend.  I think I’ve covered all the genres now.

In any case, here are few photos from last Sunday.  Enjoy!

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Queen’s Park on Easter Sunday…the cherry blossoms are bloomin’ and everything just seems to be set to rights.

Queeens Park April 2015 104Queeens Park April 2015 141Queeens Park April 2015 095

Simple and enduring beauty everywhere.

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What Are Your Measurements?

June 21, 2014 646 (2)



July is now August. How did that happen?
Well, we humans like to measure things, don’t we?
We measure time, success, space, circumference, failure, our waistline…
And then we record it all, of course, for good measure.
After all we must navigate through the laws of averages, now mustn’t we?
I was at a poetry reading last evening. One poem that keeps giving me pause to consider was called ‘Indian Time.’
It referred to the measure of time as being slower in the context of how it was perceived by our aboriginal folk.

Lonsdale Quay 044
I loved the whimsy of the poem and the earthy texture to it.
Yes, I was measuring the words and how they cradled me.
Some were presented like a lullaby that soothed, while others triggered a restless energy that provoked, and other still left me wondering ‘What if?”
I’ve much to learn in the vocal delivery of these things I set to paper.
We were given just three minutes, a small measure of time to be sure, in which to relay our prose.
I am very new to this.
Two poems I opted to deliver. Every other person on open mic presented just one.
In my mind I had two short poems and I could do it!
And on the second poem I felt the pressure begin to build. The flush of nervous energy began to take hold and I felt a slight tremble begin.
With my last word spoken I timed out at 3:14.
I recognized my own folly in that moment though.
Then I though back to the ‘Indian Time’ poem.
I am still trying, at a frenetic pace, to fill time, to make the most of what I’ve been afforded.

English Bay Aug 31 049
I have just finished working twelve hours. I was at the new job then hopped over to the engineer’s office.
It would seem I am trying to catch-up these days.
And I was hungry. Decidedly I popped into a local eatery as I considered it just a little too late to be cooking.
And as always I have a pen and page at the ready to spill any erstwhile thoughts.
I like to be engaged in every sense. What I am attempting now is to have some ‘remote’ time, some ‘me’ time, some ‘down’ time.
Yet, as we decided, oh, since the dawn of time, there are but twenty-four hours in a each day. This really doesn’t change and is based upon a fraction of how long it takes our beautiful world to revolve around the Sun, which of course necessitates our understanding of light and dark, of summer and winter and all points in between.
Time doesn’t speed up, nor does it slow down.
We have this affliction, I know I do, in that I am in some odd kind of race with time. And as my life span enters what is perceived as being the latter portion of the average that has been so carefully calculated of how long I should expect to be here, now an urgency permeates all that I do and absorb.

English Bay Aug 31 007
I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. I do believe I need to learn how to manage my impulses a little bit better.
I should not be so intent on filling every moment with what, I’m too sure.
This explosion and eruption of self, this awareness and connection to all that surrounds and encompasses me and the desire, so strong, to emanate all that I feel, think and imagine to the world that envelopes me.
And just as I spilt the words, with nervous energy threatening to consume me, at the poetry reading last night, so do I try to experience all that this life has to offer and to give back.
I am, I know, but a speck in this universe. An energy form so small that I could think I’m insignificant. But each and every particle that makes up this spectrum we call space and time matters in some form.
And I guess in this odd little head of mine, it is our choices that it all comes down to.
Everything has an opposite as we all know…and then there is a rainbow of possibilities between these choices.
And maybe it is trying to find that balance, if it does indeed exist.
Perhaps it is the rapture that we feel at certain times in our life experience. Those makers that make us beg for more, that make us measure our wants, our needs and our desires, then try to capture and immortalize them.
And here we are, small particles in this universe that continually collide and expand, we experience friction. And such a terrible darkness runs through all of humanity, it always has.

Lonsdale Quay 051
For as creative as we are in love, we are equally so in hate.
Now you need to make a choice. Which will you surrender to?
Will you die for love or live to hate?
And it is the play of words, their insistence upon my lips that I always challenge and find myself searching…exploring.
I just want to remain open and learn…absorb.
A new job has filled me with excitement. The intellect has once again been engaged and tickled. Perhaps this time it will be nurtured to its fullest potential.
And if you measure a person’s intellect by the credentials bestowed, perhaps this is a re-think.

earth 5
Knowledge is free.
While we’ve been sold the idea of a formal education as being the door to all that is, know that it surrounds you always.
Yours for the taking.
And so I surrender to my love of words and the visual arts. May my curiosity and love continue to grow and expand.
Time is never wasted, just the perception of it.

I See Stars…

For whatever reason I have been thinking about our existence quite a bit recently.  Perhaps this is not so surprising considering recent events.  Last night a friend of mine came over and we walked along the river with a near full moon dancing along beside us.

We spoke of life events, we joked about with our ribald humour.  My friend thought the idea of a beach on the river would be a great idea.  I disagreed.  Too dangerous with a river like the Fraser whose currents are swift and incredibly strong.  It is a working river as well.  The other factor is that the debris this river has in it could definitely prove to be an issue.  I watch fallen logs coursing down the river at high-speed and would not want to be in the way of something like that.

Still, the idea of having a water park much like they have in Coal Harbour and over by Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park is a good one.  There is presently a stretch of asphalt that could accommodate such a venture.

I found myself looking up into sky with an awareness of what is out there.  There is indeed an infinitesimal number of galaxies and universes.  How far out does this space go?  Does it have an end?  Does it have a beginning?

We had been discussing movies and I thought of the movie that is about to debut called ‘Elysium’.  It would appear the rich and powerful built themselves a luxurious space station of sorts once our planet began to sag due to mankind’s raping of her resources.  It would appear that Matt Damon is going to set everything to rights but Jodi Foster’s character is going to try to thwart him.  At least that’s the take I get from the film’s trailer.

This triggered the thought about how people are always depicted as lambs being led to the slaughter in these movies.  As is the case in ‘Elysium’ the state of the planet in this movie shows people living in abysmal ruins.  I got to thinking, if tomorrow we woke up and did not have the technology that we currently enjoy, would we be able to survive?  Could we come together as a people and delegate our resources and produce food and living accommodations to sustain our general wellbeing?  If money was no longer a viable necessity and did not dictate our day-to-day lives how would we manage?

It is a tough scenario to puzzle through.  I would like to think we are civilized enough to come together, yet I know there would be factions that would likely revert to a more primal mentality of a dog eat dog world.

Yet, when we see disasters happen worldwide, I am always moved to tears at how people do come together to support one another.  Oh we do see the ugly side of humanity, those that in their ignorance see the possibility of some gain for themselves at the expense of others. But the beauty of genuine caring and love far outshines this.

And I looked up at the stars, seeing only few due to the light pollution we have on this planet now, and wondered about all the other beings out there.  I have no doubt in my mind that in this infinite known as space intelligent life flourishes in abundance.  I wondered if they have had similar struggles as us or is there something in our primal DNA code that causes us to  behave so poorly at times.

And yes, we as humans still have so far to go.  Women are still fighting for equality.  People are still  getting killed because of the colour of their skin.  Children are still going to bed hungry.  Death is being exacted due to our various beliefs in a supreme being. The divide at times seems to grow deeper.  Why?

Perhaps I am naïve in my thinking but I really do believe the good in us will prevail.  We are amazing creatures.  I think if we came together as one it would be a very beautiful world.

And as John once challenged us in song…”Imagine all the people living life in peace…”

On that note I will sign off and get out there and enjoy this Sunday.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Peace.