The Moment in Time


A few nights ago I attended a short story open mic event. I noted that many of us seemed to collectively be in a mood to reflect and ponder on this world and the space that surrounds us.

A few of my fellow writers’ shared those moments when they realized that the world was far bigger than they could ever imagine and that the space they were gazing out at could well be infinite.

This induced a rather deep and ponderous thought process for me.

I began to study a little deeper the time factor after writing the piece inspired by the phrase ‘Time Died.’


I have been reviewing calendars and when they came into being.  I’ve been researching civilizations and when they too began to develop in earnest, and then of course there is my fascination with the written word and its evolution.

And all that I have read over the last few days has sparked the detective in me to try and find out some of life’s little mysteries.

I’m going to begin by following the importance of the Mayan calendar for the moment simply because there are some rather interesting facts that seem to correspond with this particular calendar and the manner by which it tells time and records history.

Five ages, each one 5,125 years approximately in length, have now passed in accordance with the timeline the calendar offers us. The most recent age to have completed its cycle occurred in December 2012.  We have now entered the sixth age.

mayan 2

I will try to create a brief timeline based upon the Mayan cycle of an Age.

Mayan culture wasn’t around when these ‘Ages’ began.  How is it that the Mayans came upon this knowledge and how is it that they ascertained it meaning that resulted in an exquisitely detailed calendar?

So many questions are slipping through me at this moment.

When did humanity have its ‘Aha!’ moment?

When did we collectively decide to record certain events? When did we begin to see the patterns the stars had mapped out for us?

And then begin to move around this planet based upon their guidance.

What I’ve found is that when I referenced the calendar certain very critical events in our evolution occurred in approximation with the calendar and its timeline.


The hunt was one of the first events to be recorded as many caves worldwide will tell us.

Several old caves containing Stone Age parietal art can be found in central India, South Africa, Australia, Namibia, Argentina and South-East Asia, among other locations around the world.

What occurred to inspire this activity?

When did we collectively begin to draw images of animals and tell stories through song?

Did humankind lay staring at the stars and have that moment of beautiful awareness of what they were and what they could become?

Or did something happen?


Home Sapiens have been around for at least 200,000 some odd years. It appears our species didn’t rush into the idea of civilization.

Like much of the life on this planet they likely lived simply and instinctually.

Much has been said about the Neanderthal and how they in fact died out.

Sure, there were obvious similarities between Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens of the day. There is no doubt that they met and co-mingled.

What would that experience have been like?

Your tribe is roaming this globe in search of food and water. In search of shelter and you come upon another being that looks somewhat like you…but different.

Were they afraid? Angry? Territorial?

And at some point around 35,000 some odd years ago humans began to record things.

Hand prints also began to litter the walls of caves worldwide.



(I was here)

That is the message that reaches out across the span of time. They had found an awareness of who they were and they didn’t want to be forgotten? In the images recorded what is it that they were trying to tell us?


Fabulous drawings began to adorn the walls of caves worldwide.

How is it that this phenomenon struck the inhabitants of this globe collectively?

What event precipitated this sense of keeping records? What instilled the desire and necessity to make it so?

A hand print on a wall is most definitely a record.

The Cave Chauvet in France is one the most pristine caves filled with art in such magnificent detail.


And I have to wonder how it came to be so popular worldwide at that time considering they did not have mass communications…or did they?

Perhaps they did, only it was in a very different format than what we might imagine.

Every culture, every cave dweller would come to know the stars and their importance and they would come to know how to read them in order to note where they were on this planet.

How did they come by this knowledge?

That is why I am convinced that at some point collectively all humans from all the corners of this earth witnessed something quite remarkable.

Did they witness the arrival of the Gods?   Visitations perhaps?

Early humans would not have known just how expansive space really was and I can see how they imagined the Gods sitting upon those lofty clouds gazing down at the lot of them.

The similarity in stories world wide regarding the advent of God is remarkabley close. What changes is the interpretation of what was witnessed.  This too speaks to human nature.

At one point a few cultures had twelve such Gods running amok.  These beings had a variety of skills and powers.

Civilization had been born at this point. A hierarchy had been created to feed it that still exists to this day.

space 2

Somewhere along the way the idea of God was whittled down to just one entity.

Strangely or perhaps not, various cultures chose different definitions of this singular God to represent them, protect or define them.

It was in the fourth age that civilization seems to emerged and began form and develop.

And it was during the formation of this civilization thing that time was truly established and cycles were set down.

And how did we come to have the calendar that we currently have? This too has been changed over the course of time.

I had to smile as I read about the above as it seems we’ve really muddled through on recording time and its cycles.  From the Roman calendar, which was rather complicated as it only had ten months and the winter season was not included so there were 61 days unaccounted for. Curious.  The Julian calendar remedied this by adhering to the lunar cycles.  Still there were errors that were corrected when the Gregorian calendar was introduced back in 1532 or thereabouts.

Theories abound! And not all countries adopted the new calendar.

Geometrics then come into play. Between the 3rd and 4th Ages in accordance with the Mayan calendar a whole lot of building began to take place.

We are talking big building! Massive big, man!

Pyramids, temples, Stonehenge…


Again…not just in one location but all over this globe and likely there were many that did not stand the test of time or may well have been destroyed.

Behind the erection of these monuments there seems to have been a underlying call of divinity? Is this when men began to equate themselves as Gods?

The misinterpretation of power.

And we today have the conceit and ignorance to say they did not have the technology to do what they did regardless of the fact that these monuments stand before us as testament that indeed it was done.

Power is and always has been an intoxicating elixir.

Those at the helm of these projects must have indeed felt like gods.

Was this our imminent downfall?

Did we hunger for the knowledge that was bestowed upon us? Did we, in our human condition, decide at some point that we knew better?

Was there some level of anger shown toward the children of the stars sent to instruct us? In our infancy did we demand to much?

grid b cathie

And at the moment my imagination is skipping back to the innocence of when awareness truly occurred.

I see a meeting between early humans and star travelers. I see an intense and beautiful curiosity from both.

Did our space travelers ignore their own ‘prime directive’ (i.e. Star Trek) and feed us information that may wall have been forbidden to give?

Were we an experiment on a grand scale?

Where did the knowledge of the early sciences come from?

Mathematics, charting the stars, masonry, architecture?

All of these are exact in their implementation. They must be else wise they fail.

Travel, velocity and art are but conundrums in the grand scheme of things.

This planet hurdles through space on a daily basis. Not two days are ever the same.


And were we, as humans, seeds that were planted amongst the stars?

And I must wonder if we were forgotten in this expanse we know as space.

There are times when as I slip into sleep or begin my ascent from it that the whisper of a long ago time speaks to me.

I was there.

Peace to all of you.


Below are some of the websites I found of interest in putting this piece together.  Thanks.


…When Time Died



I watched the film version of the Broadway musical ‘Rent’ a couple of nights ago.  I enjoyed it immensely and found myself in tears at times.  Much of what this production is about is still so very relevant.

There was a line in one of the songs that said….”when time died.”

I pulled those words out and held them up for further evaluation.  The whole concept of time and how we measure it.

time died

It is a human thing?  Or it is something is embedded in the D.N.A. of all living organisms?

We all adhere to cycles.  We must, after all our very life is a cycle measured by an infinite number of events and factors but the two constants are birth and death.

When humans first began their journey in this world it was their tenacity, duplicity and rather conniving nature that assisted in the push up to the top of the food chain.  That we are so good and creative when it comes to killing speaks volumes about our species.  Equally our capacity to love and build a community is just as stellar a point in our evolution and its success.

Regarding the equation of time, however, our reign on this planet is but a nanosecond, a blip or a dot amongst trillions upon trillions.

Hell, we are not even a smudge.


Every part of my being is convinced that ‘intelligent’ life exists in the space that extends forever around us.

What is forever?  And what is time?

Forever, by definition, has no beginning and no end.  Time is a measurement of cycles, nothing more.  Or is it?

Did forever and time have a beginning?  Did they consummate their union to begin what we know as this universe?  Perhaps combined they make up the energy and concept known as God.

Is this a logical contemplation?


The Mayan’s developed a calendar that reflects a period of time, an era as it were that covers approximately 5,025 years.  How did they come by this knowledge and what was the purpose of trying to preserve it?

We all recall a couple of years ago the doomsayers who insisted that the end of world would come when the calendar ended and that time for us would then die.

Time will never die.  We will.

Time will never change.  We will.

Time is a constant just as forever is.

mayan 2

In many ways they are interchangeable. We are all little specs of energy that collectively make up our consciousness.  There have been moments when time crawled or at least it seemed as such.

These days it feels as if time is speeding up and we are all running at a break neck pace to keep up with it.

The deceptive perception of time overall lies in our imaginations.  Or does it?

time flys

The questions that this phrase ‘…when time died’ evoked are likely experienced by all of us at some point in our life.

We have all asked ourselves the universal question.

‘Why am I here and what is my purpose?’

What if the answer was simply ‘to be.’

Now I’ll go and ruminated on this for a while.

Have an awesome Sunday.  Namaste.


And there I was at the finish line but really I was at the beginning…

I have been reflective as of late thinking about all that I have managed to do in a relatively short period of time.  Despite the health issues that have come up, despite the emotional house cleaning that was necessary (and man, was my emotional closet ever a mess!), I have really toughed it out and pushed through.

When I started this blog no one had ever really read any of my writings before.  I had been expressing myself via the pen for the majority of my life.  This had been my voice for a very long time.  What I could not say verbally could be found bleeding onto the page.

I started this blog the day after having heart surgery.  Those of you who have been with me close to two years now may recall that I spoke of this in the beginning.

Yesterday I read back a few of my posts.  They are interesting as they capture my mindset at a particular moment in time.  Somehow I navigated into some more emotional revelations and then into this whole cancer thing.  As I have said early this week, I feel as though my life is righting itself and yet, as chemotherapy looms around the corner, I wonder how long this sense will remain.  I hope it sticks around for a bit.  Think I am going to need it.

I went back to my first post today.  A hopeful woman was sitting on her sofa that day tapping out her imaginings. Here is the opening statement from that post.

‘What I hope to share with everyone who decides to share in this experience with me is the sense of renewal and the excitement of the road ahead.  And I have no idea what that looks like but the idea of it is exhilarating none the less. 

The Power of One…that connection…how many people do you come into contact on any given day?  What energy are you parlaying to them?  Are you reaching out for that endearing sense of human contact or are you drawing back from it?  It is amazing if you stop and think how many people you actually interact with on any given day and even more exciting is what you can perhaps share with them. 

Think about it.  We will never be in the exact same place at the exact same time in the course of this world turning ever again.  This moment will never come again. There will always be variables that have shifted even if you were standing in the exact same place 24 hours later the energy and the light source coming to us will have shifted. And while we are hurtling through space at 600 miles per hour on this planet that is wobbling its way around the sun, we have this source of energy that just permeates our very being…ours to accept or reject.  We are never still, though we feel we are and there is never true silence in terms of the definition we have provided. Also, we are never alone.

Very recently I have begun to discover this energy and for me it is magic. I will provide a definition shortly but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, not just yet.  Right now I am feeling quite giddy and excited and wanting to share all of this….I want to reach out and connect with everyone and everything…and this seems as likely a place to start as any.’

There you have it.  It was at this time that I was accepting myself as a writer and not just someone who loved to write.  The book that was I was just beginning to piece together is now complete soon to be published.

I have run several more races since this blog started including a 1/2 Marathon.  I have continued to reconcile my past leaving the pain of it where it belongs but taking the lessons learned and allowing them to feed and nurture the soul.

I have put posts up that have been extremely emotional.  In all this time I have only removed one as I felt it was far too vulnerable and raw.  Those that subscribe to my blog would have received it.  Perhaps that was a time when I was having a hiccup in terms of behaviour and allowing emotional reflexes to throw me off.

I continue to try to make sense of things that are at times completely irrational.  Perhaps I should just let them be.  And I continue to grow and evolve.  I work to be a kinder and gentler being each day.  I work to be guided by my heart and not my head.

And regardless of the ailments and illnesses that I have been afflicted with I continue to work through them.  And yes, there are times when being the ‘strong’ individual I am is less than appealing.  I would like to have someone who could at times take this burden, even if it is for just a little while, from me.  Just let me cry it out, you know?

It is never a question of saying that it’s ‘not fair’.  Life doesn’t work that way.  Just gotta roll with it.  You’ve all heard it.  If life gives you lemons, best you learn how to make damn good lemonade.

I went back to the beginning to see if I am still on track with the original idea of this blog.  Yes, I am.  The idea was to share in my journey and I have done that.

And this is where I am with just a few days before the next assault on my body begins.  I have reconciled the need and prepared to meet the effects.  Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for checking in from time to time.


Catch Phrases

I went off the pain killers yesterday.  I was getting a little too ‘medicated’ for my liking.  Yesterday afternoon I fell asleep on the sofa late in the afternoon.  Trying to wake up proved to be a bit of a challenge.  Keep in mind that I was only taking T3’s…one every four hours.  The medical staff encouraged me to go with the program.  I did. I need to let the body right itself now.  The indignities that I have celebrating lately are indeed curious.

Of course, being a polite person, I won’t name these indignities.  Let’s just say that as humans, we all have these functions.  That I have been celebrating their return has been amusing at times, but yes, there have been a few high-fives around here lately.

I had thought writing would be as forthcoming as it usually is.  That has not been the case.  I will be tapping away at the keys then suddenly find myself lolling into a state of nirvana.  When I waken, I find the screen now covered with pages of letters that the fingers relaxed into.

Chuckling at this, I pressed delete then closed the computer down.  This has happened a few times.  The thought process has been fleeting. I was checking my email and saw a photo of a VW Van.  In psychedelic, flower power lettering along the side of the van “Make Love Not War” was written in brightly shades of neon.

Of course, as you know I am seeking a catch phrase for my person that will identify me in the same manner that. others enjoy.  Am I asking too much?  Perhaps it’s the drugs talking.

Think of Mr. T.  And what is his catch phrase?  I pity the fool that doesn’t know that one.  My generation really embraced the whole catch phrase phenomenon.

“Have a Nice Day” accompanied by a yellow smiley face was the all the rage.  The new generation now believes Forrest Gump wiped his sweaty face on a towel and uttered those words for the first time.  Not quite true, kiddies.

Still the sentiments that were being shared at that time had a sweet innocence to them.  I really want to embrace that mindset again.  I don’t want to become a cynical nay-sayer who sits in condemnation of the world before me.  I think for a time I was that person.  Not a fun place to be.  I want to know the pleasure of each day despite the hand that’s dealt to me.

Why not?

I found out yesterday that chemo and radiation will be required.  I may be bald for a bit.  Now understand that this is purely a vanity thing.  The hair will grow back. I’ve heard that if you do a buzz cut then it will grow back thicker.  I’ll have to ask my salon about that.  Perhaps ask a few people who do shave their head on a regular basis.  In any case, the thing about these treatments is the fatigue factor.  I was encouraged yesterday to continue with my workout routine and running once the body heals but that I may not be as energized during the treatments.  That’s okay.  The post-operative stuff will take about 3 months.

I am going to do a brief meditation now.  I want to drop down into my heart centre for a bit.  This particular journey isn’t completely over just yet. And I am determined to listen to the body and the lessons that are being imparted.  I am determined to listen to the spirit and set it free.  I am determined to live.

Be well friends.  Namaste.


Perfection, for the record, does not exist.  It is an obscure term that we hold and measure ourselves to.  It is something so many of us aspire toward.  We want the perfect job, the perfect man / woman, the perfect family.  We want the perfect house, the perfect car.  We want to look perfect and have the perfect clothes.  We want to be perfectly happy in our perfect lives.

With the advent of television and as it became mainstream all of us watching became part of an inadvertent experiment really.  Advertising began to go global.  The American dream was being sold on the world stage and many of us wanted to buy it.  Then that too began to change.

I have likely been exposed to hundreds of hours of advertising.  For several years I stopped eating butter because I believed it was bad for me.  It’s not.  Margarine on the other hand is one molecule away from being a plastic.  Even bugs won’t touch it and what I have come to realize is that if a bug won’t touch it, neither should I.

I have, in a very brief period of time, watched a generation forget how to eat and prepare food.  We now look for ready-made everything never stopping to think of what these items may contain in their mass productive state to keep them ‘fresh’ and the effect that may have on our bodies.  When I was younger,  in mid to late September we canned veggies and fruits.  Baked salmon was put in jars as well.  The pantry would be full.  Pretty much everything was made from ‘scratch’ and you know, it really didn’t take that long.

I have really gotten back into this.  In fact, I got to thinking that perhaps I should start putting on a canning party in the fall. We could all bring our stuff over and have a day of it and share the proceeds amongst each other as many of us are on our own now.

And we are primping and polishing ourselves.  Aging has become the new ‘disease.’  God forbid I should allow a wrinkle or frown line to appear when there is Botox at the ready.  It will smooth away any of my expressions making me appear the perfect ‘Stepford Wife.’  (And I ain’t even married!)

Even our world is not perfect you know.  She wobbles precariously around the Sun.  The Earth’s inner core is constantly shifting and adjusting to energy being absorbed and released.  Eruptions and crazy ass storms occur destroying what may have taken hundreds or even thousands of years to develop.  It is just the way of things.

We live in an environment that can be hostile and at times violent.  It can also be the epitome of peace.  All these contradictions are what make this world what it is and all the imperfections that exist in me and that I try to balance on any given day are what make me human.  At 55 years of age I think I am an attractive woman.  I have fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead.  I am beginning to see the signs of the dreaded chicken neck.  But I can live with it.  You may find me making a hell of a lot more chicken jokes over the next few years.  I am well endowed in the chest area, but the girls succumbed to gravity a few years ago as did my posterior.  Still they are not too shabby looking.  The other funny thing about my boobs is that once they became semi-retired they now point is different directions.  Yes, completely out of alignment.

And I have my crooked foot.  If you watched me run you would see a woman with an awkward gait as her right foot rolls inward to compensate.

And that’s me with just a few of my imperfections.  Each line on my face tells a story.  Each step that I take reaffirms my place in this world.  I am a kind and gentle being.  I cry and bleed like everyone else.  I will not spend the remainding years of my life chasing someone’s idea of who I should be.  I did that in my youth during those insecure formative years.   The lesson learned at that time is that no matter how hard I tried to be what I thought someone wanted, it was never good enough.

Then I had that epiphany that many of us do. “Why not just be yourself!”  What a concept!

Embrace your imperfections and like who you are.  You have to live hopefully a very long time with yourself.  Oh, I know there will be those who argue that surgery and Botox help them be their best.  We can debate any number of things actually.  I guess my concern is when I see girls in their twenties having Botox treatments as a preventative step against aging.

True story.  This was on the news about a month ago.  This young woman has been having Botox treatments for two years.  She is now 25 yrs of age.  Her father is a dentist and here in Vancouver they have somehow cornered the market on this one.  She likely gets them for free considering her connection.

What I wondered is what her face would like in 25 years after the muscles have been repeatedly rendered frozen and unusable.  And this saddened me.  That somehow looking ‘perfect’ meant forgoing the laugh lines, the furrowed brow when worried and lines from those times when sorrow was felt so deeply tears fell in a torrent.

Embrace your humanness.  It is fleeting and at the end of the day I would want the people I know to remember the look of love on my face, not the perfectly smooth skin it was hidden beneath.


Enjoy your day!

Moving Forward

A few thoughts as we enter into this new era of ours.  Yes, we can mark this as the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of forever.  I got to thinking about the behaviours that I would like to modify about myself and how I want to walk out into the world now.  I have been operating at about 75% in terms of the person I am seeking to become and I think it’s time I stepped it up and began committing 100% of self to any given task.  In other words, I do see room for improvement on my end and feel I need to be more accountable to everything in and around me.

I can and will be more forgiving, more loving, more gentle in spirit and I will strive to have a open heart always.

If I can do these things then I will be the person I envision that I can be.  I won’t make emotionally motivated judgments based on perceived wrongs or slights that I at times feel are directed at me.  I can only move forward, and so I will.

I wonder sometimes why we let the past dictate so strongly how we react to this day?  I am not saying there are not lessons to be taken from past events, but at times I don’t believe we learn from them.  To me we get caught up in the emotional turmoil of the event and just stay in it.  Every time the event is brought up again, it’s like an old wound being reopened and we once again feel the misery of it.  We need to step back and look at the big picture of how we came to be in a certain mindset to begin with and develop an awareness and consciousness of how to deal with and move past these events taking the lessons with us and passing them forward.

In any case, I am putting the challenge out myself first and foremost.  If I cannot make these changes personally then how can I ask this of the world that surrounds me?

It is a beautiful day here in Vancouver.  I love this city of mine.  She truly is the keeper of my heart.  Some might say it is just a place, but for me it is home.  And the difference between a house and a home is simple really.  A home embodies your spirit.  It cradles and nurtures it and inspires it to grow.

For the year ahead I have certain goals that I want to achieve.  One of them is the continuation of letting go of ego and giving back to this world because this world has given so much to me.

Enjoy your holidays everyone.  Thanks again for checking into my ramblings from time to time.  And welcome to the rest of our lives.

Forever Is A Long Time….Or Is It?

I have mentioned a time or two how my energy level has been a little low as of late.  It still isn’t where I would like it, however, I am still doing the damn thing.  I notice lately when I sit down on the sofa to unwind at the end of the day, the eyes get that feeling suddenly that they weigh a ton and I cannot possibly keep them open.  So I go to bed and yes, I have been sleeping like the proverbial rock.  Rocks don’t drool though, or at least I don’t think they do.  Ah, you have got to love getting older.

I crawled from my bed this morning to get my workout on.  I felt a wee bit foggy on the drive in.  I smiled and thought, ‘This won’t last forever.’  Then I got to thinking about the term ‘forever’.  We use it rather loosely at times, don’t we?

I remember when I was a little, I would tell my friend Cheryl that she was my best friend and that we would be best friends forever.  The following day we would have an argument, and typically they were over life-changing events such as a disagreement about a player’s R Bi’s in baseball or not wanting to trade a sports card.  Then, of course, there would be the trauma incurred with the impropriety of not following certain rules.  The eruption of emotions as the politics of play kicked into high gear.

We would become ‘enemies’ for a day or two.  Each time we deliberately passed the other with our noses held high, but the eyes were always seeking the others.  You see, if she looked at me and I at her, then we knew we still cared.  We would of course make up and become best friends forever once more.

As we got older indeed we drifted apart as happens.  Funny, when you are young your world is very small.  And everything that holds the highest importance to you is usually in very close circumference to your home.  I still see Cheryl from time to time.  There will always be a certain bond for having shared our childhood together.  I like that.  I like it a lot.

Of course, then when I fell in what I thought was love for the first time, I was convinced it would last forever.  In that case forever lasted about eight months.  But I can say this, there are certain things that I do know will last for as long as I draw breath.

There is a love of my daughter, of my friends, of my family that will never diminish.  There is a love of all that surrounds me, all that I wake up to each day, despite being a little foggy at times, that I cherish.  There is hope in me that we will all eventually surrender to human goodness and kindness.  Naive?  Nah.

I will forever believe in the human spirit as time and time again I see how great this gift is that we own.

On that note I will turn back to the work on my desk that will forever make its way to me.  Ah yes, the never-ending pile of paper calls.

Enjoy your day everyone and thanks for stopping by.

Time Passages….

Vibrant colours of pink, red, blue, orange,white and purple all set in a lush green backdrop in a thousand different shades.  The air is perfumed with various fragrances that intermingle beautifully with one another.  The sky has a laziness about it.  A sleepy haze is tossed over a blue sky filled with little wisps of cloud here and there.  I am sitting in traffic on this beautiful summer morning letting the mind drift off while I wait to merge along with 100’s of other vehicles.  The minutes slip by and I start to think about this incessant need to mark time.  Keep track of it.

I wonder when it started. Was it something we were inherently born with?  This need and desire to mark time and our place in it.  I can see with the seasons and the cycle of things.  This would have been important in terms of knowing when certain animals and plants were available in terms of the hunt and gathering aspect of it.  Also, knowing when to be warm if you were in the northern climates. But I guess that would have been a no brainer.

So I just sat in traffic pondering how this began. Moving through these time passages.  Writing our version of history as we go.

I cannot comprehend millions of years at times.  They say that it is just a blip in the grand scheme of things, a blink of a cosmic eye.

With gradual precision we move uniformly into one lane.  I like this aspect of driving in Vancouver.  We are polite and understand that by following a certain set of road etiquette we will ultimately get to our destinations that much quicker.  Memories of the traffic in New York surfaced and I smiled.  The taxis’ drive with a certain poetry, yet it will scare the hell out of you the first time you experience it.  At least it did for me.

We  move and shuffle, we push we pull, we compromise and manipulate our space all the time.  Sometimes when I get to my destination I don’t feel like I should be there.  The heart and mind are off in some other space in time.  Be it wanting to roll about in the surf on this beautiful summer’s day.  Ah, yes.  How I would love to do that right now.  Just to feel the waves wash over me, the sun kissing my forehead and cheeks, the taste of the salt in the air and the sounds of a City waking around me.

And I wonder how many others are contemplating such a splendid little rendezvous.  What if we all just got up collectively and headed down there right now?

Now I am smiling at the visual of ever person in Vancouver rolling about in the waves in their skirts, dresses, suites and various other apparel just delighting in the simple pleasure of just being.

But I am in my office, at my desk, preparing for the work day.  I don’t want to be here…but hey, the beach will beckon one day and I will go.  I will throw all practicality aside and just do it…and hopefully, the next time it calls it will be on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Yes, we mark our days for when we work and when we play.

Perhaps in a million years from now…I will be those grains of sand upon the beach beckoning to the beings that inhabit this world to come roll about and play.

Time passages…I look back and I look forward, but all I can really see is the moment that I am currently in.  And you know what?  I kind of like it.  This curious anticipation about life and all her mysteries.

So go out and enjoy your day wherever you may be.

Thank you for stopping by.


Interestingly enough I was thinking about the season’s this morning on my drive into the gym.  We could not have asked for a better way to begin summer.  The sky is a beautiful deep blue and the sun is making a full on appearance today.  For many of us, summer marks the beginning when we can get out there and have some fun.  Barbeques and beaches are synonymous with the summertime.  Backyard get togethers, a quick dip on a hot day.  We have extended daylight during the summer months as well, even though today is technically the longest day of the year, we will still have those evenings of watching the sunset at 9:30 – 10:00 PM. 

Somehow the other seasons just don’t measure up to summer now do they?  Particularly winter.  Winter gets trashed the most, though many who are fans of snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding won’t complain as much.  Winter, like its counterparts, has its charm.  Spring and Autumn are vibrant seasons.  They are transitioning months and are very dynamic in their own right.  They are the polar opposite of each other, just as summer and winter are.

Summer has a lazy and laid back attitude about it.  And perhaps that is why we like it so much. 

Always though, our planet will continue on its wobbly course around the Sun.  Shifting ever so slightly with each turn.  Never to be repeated in exactly the same manner again.  We are just a spec in this universe, in this galaxy, in time.  And as I pointed out yesterday, time is something only we measure.  Oddly enough we live in a timeless space that far reaches our wildest imaginings. 

Some nights I will be laying in bed and just wonder what is out there.  Does it have an end?  Or does it just go on?  That is hard to imagine at times. Of just this vacuous space that in never-ending and that encompasses god only knows how many galaxies in its wake.  Just this continuum of energy that embodies and surrounds us.  And I think about other life forms and what they are like and where they are.  It would be foolish and highly egotistical to believe for a second that we are the only life forms in this endless bounty of space.  We are not alone, of this I am certain. 

Of course, we humans tend to get paranoid about these things.  I love the good ol’ Hollywood movies that always save us from the aliens who come to assimilate and destroy us.  Personally I like to think of the ET variety of alien.  Of course, another favourite summertime event are the movie blockbusters that come out around this time of year and I am sure there are a few ‘nasty alien’ movies in the mix this year. 

I don’t know about you, but I would love to sit and converse with an alien.  That would totally rock.  So this summer I am going to put it out there.  If any aliens of the ‘out-of-this-world’ variety would like to stop by for a chat, the bar is always open.  I will keep you posted on how this open invitation works.

I suppose one thing that does bother me is when a person from another country is referred to as an alien.  I just don’t get this.  We are all human, first and foremost.  The borders and boundaries are in our head.  The threat posed?  That they will come into our borders and take our life away from us by taking our jobs, etc. 

We need to change how live in this world.  We need to change the hierarchy.  As I have stated before, I am planning on world domination and once this has occurred I think I will have a very happy planet on my hands. 

Happy solstice everyone!  Summer is here and she wants us to play.