Election Campaign 2015: Please Vote!

Canada Day July 1, 2015 227

I’ve really been educating myself this time around.  I was originally going to do a series regarding the election, however, time as it is want to do, got away from me.  With just over a week to go before our collective decision is made advance polling stations are open this weekend for those who would like to vote early.

My daughter decided to vote early this time out as she’ll be going to Alberta next week to visit family.  I am proud of her convictions and that she follows what is happening in this world.

Canada Day July 1, 2015 160

I’ve been on mission as of late.  I’m getting my home in order so that I can get myself on track.  Since March 2015 our building has been in a state of repair and I’ve been in a state of repair for a couple of years now.

As the repairs to my home are finally coming to a close, I decided its time to get on with my life and rebuild as well.  It starts with the organization of important documents not so important documents.  Then comes reducing the accumulation of stuff.  I write a great deal…I read…I download and read some more.

I have recipes, items of interest and a plethora of everything in between to tackle.  And considering all the stuff that was in my big closet that still hasn’t been completely renovated as of yet, this gal has been required to go through a few years of organized mayhem.

Somewhere in all this I cleaned out my fridge and pantry as well.

Canada Day July 1, 2015 140

Impressed, aren’t you!

I hadn’t picked up any groceries as I wanted to do this prior to and so I cleaned up and headed out to lunch and then out to shop and refill the coffers.

Picking up The Province newspaper I read an interview that was done with Stephen Harper.  This took place last Thursday at Red Truck Brewery in Vancouver.  Mr. Harper prefers suds to buds.

He’s impressed with how well we make beer out here on the coast, however, he’s upset at our skills in growing BC bud.  Even more so as to how we sell it.

Canada Day July 1, 2015 184

Harper comments “Marijuana is infinitely worse than tobacco.”  Really?

The reporter offers up a rebuttal.  “40,000 Canadian die annually from tobacco related deaths.”

Harper states that’s simply because tobacco is more widespread than marijuana.  Well, Mr. Harper, tobacco is also legal across the country and available in most stores and there is a bitch load of taxes associated with this product as well.

Had I been there I would have asked Mr. Harper how he felt about medical cannabis.  Having used Phoenix Tears (Hemp Oil with THC) to combat the side effects of chemotherapy I know how well this worked without any side effects.  I wasn’t looking to get high and I didn’t.  I would take it before going to bed and yes, it was extraordinary at dealing with any subsequent pain I was feeling.

Canada Day July 1, 2015 126

Harper then pulled a classic political tactic.  He states that Trudeau’s number one priority is to legalize marijuana and that his is the economy.

Bada bing, bada boom!

He has redirected the interview to a topic he is far more comfortable with and has subsequently taken more shots at his opponents while offering up vague bullshit at his governments accomplishments.

“Home ownership has increase and is more affordable for Canadians” he declares.

Not in Vancouver.

Harper insists he will launch an investigation to see if off-shore buying is in fact artificially pushing up the market in Vancouver….if he’s re-elected.

What the……(insert bad word)?

This has been going on in Vancouver for some 20-30 years now.  In 1987 a house in East Vancouver would cost about $80,000.00.

Now you’re looking at $1.3 million as the average.  Now ask me if the cost of living and wages have been on par with insane rise in housing.  If you’re a young person renting…its really expensive and the idea of owning a home in Vancouver has become a pipe dream for many.

Canada Day July 1, 2015 131

The Conservative government has been in power for close to a decade and has never given the rising cost of housing one iota of attention.  On the heels of his promise to investigate he assures us that he doesn’t want to rock the boat and see homeowners lose the equity in their homes.

Then we come to oil.  Here in BC we are having the production of pipelines stuffed down our throat whether we like it or not.  The oil sands in Alberta have enough in them to last the next hundred or so years.  Not all that long now, is it?  What happens when it’s all gone?  Why are we still not looking to cleaner forms of energy such as wind and solar?

Harper has been shutting down Coastguard stations here in BC as well.  Yet we are expected to have an increase in tanker traffic.

My disgust for this man is increasing exponentially.  He has used fear mongering and negative ads to dissuade Canadians from ousting him out of office.

Prime minster Harper, your pink slip will served shortly and your legacy is not a good one.  Not at all.

To all my fellow Canadians who are eligible to vote, please exercise your right to do so.

On Monday,

October 19, 2015 do your duty and VOTE!



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