A St. Patrick’s Day Poem…Inspired by Dr. Suess

March 17, 2017 – St. Patrick’s Day                                                         Nancy Pilling

Inspired by the master…Dr. Suess!!!

I am Sam…Sam I am!

I do not like green beer and lamb,

No, no…I do not like green beer and lamb,

Even if my name is Sam!

I like my beer with a golden hue,

A full body with a malted flavor,

That delights the palate but adds  a wee kick too!

Green beer began,

With that damed Leprechan!

‘Fiddle dee dee!  Fi Fie Fo Fum!

He shouted gleefully as he twiddled his thumbs.

He wore a tattered green top hat,

Boots and britches that did not fit well,

Ah! But his top coat of green velvet did look mighty swell!

The fiend had a face ugly as sin,

With a loud cackle he held up his glass,

And with a devilish grin,

He challenged the folk with a passionate cry,

‘Drink yee a toast to the Emerald Isle,

No potatoes – for sure,

But plenty o’ ale!’

Drink to the Saints

Who are long since dead!

Drink to the poor bastards,

Who…through their own stupidity…lost their head.’

‘You’ll never catch me. Oh no, you won’t!’

Me pot o’ Gold remains a mystery,

Secured in and riddled in history,  But its is on this day that I taunt,

Chase those rainbows, high and low,

Catch ‘em and a 1,000 gold pieces to you will go!

Be swift now, if you dare,

But have a care.’

Roast a lamb in good faith.

And raise a glass,

St. Patty’s day will soon pass,

Your memory of green beer and lamb,

Will leave you with queasy disgust,

Yet a year from now…on this date,

Even though you may protest,

You’ll drink green beer and dine on lamb,

Even if your name is Sam,

You’ll scream in sickly delight as you play,

“My name is Sam…Sam I am!”

I do not like green beer and lamb!

But what the fuck,

I’ll raise a glass of green beer and with leg o’ lamb in hand,

And say to all my friends oh so dear,

I’ll say it is loud, I’ll say it in good cheer,

Oh what?

What will I say?

Why I’ll shout



On a Lighter Note…Problem Solving 101


So much strife exists these days.  And me?  Well I get on my blog and rant about the state of this world.

Then the latest incident hit regarding Apple vs. FBI.

Now I could go on a rant here as well but I will simply say that I’m on Apple’s side in all this and I don’t even own an iPhone.

I’ve got a Smartphone Android that likes to show me just how incompetent I am on a daily basis.

Selfie 1

Technology is moving at an unbelievably fast pace.  A documentary I viewed the other evening spoke of computer chips being injected into us humans and correcting all of our ailments.  This is to happen by 2030 which really is the not so distant future.

During my drive to work the other morning I witnessed a beautiful sunrise. Frost had kissed blades of grass and trees during the midnight hours.

And while I was pondering the fate of this world and taking in the beauty of a new day, I glanced in the rear-view mirror.

Horrified at my image with this hair…

'I can never do anything with my hair phobia.'

Now I’ve not complained about my hair in a good long while.  Indeed, after chemo left me bald I swore I would never complain again.  Even when my hair threatened to come in as curly do giving me the appearance of a cherub that scared me more than you’ll ever know.

Peace 1

And as I thought about the FBI wanting technology to unlock a terrorist’s phone and Donald Trump wanting to build higher walls to keep out the ‘bad guys’ along the border should he become President, I also pondered concerns about global warming and how the price of everything is crazy.

What would make me really happy at the moment I considered?

Well, all I want is wash and wear hair.  Just to look lovely from sun up to sundown.

Oh, I’ve met those tortuous beauties so kind and gentle with locks that bounce and glisten in the sun.

Even when the rains have come, their hair defies the dampness and takes on a life of its own.

Selfie 4

And here I am, so petty in my wanting, that I covet the hair of my betters while this world sinks even further into despair.

How sad.  It would seem I am not the prolific and profound suffragette that I thought I was.

Then it struck me!

I phoned and made the appointment with my hairdresser at the end of March!

If I can find solace and peace with my hair, a truce perhaps, just maybe there will be hope for the rest of this world!

I believe! I believe! I believe!


A Game of Germ Warfare?


(It has taken three weeks to put this post together.  It began just after Christmas. Enjoy!)

I’ve been dining out a little more often over this holiday season.  I am beginning to settle back into my routine now that Christmas has passed.  Still, I will be enjoying a few more social engagements over the next few days to celebrate and welcome the New Year and pay homage to the year that is coming to a close.

On Boxing Day, for example I had spent a great deal of time on the road and finished the day by purchasing a T.V.

I had dropped off my purchase and headed back out to grab a nibble before heading home to tackle the task of assembling said item.



I like to multitask.  I dropped off the T.V., picked up the laptop.  Ate with one hand while the other tapped out some brilliant piece of prose on the computer.

Am I not humble?

Thinking back it may have been more prudent to take a certain manual with instructions to review while dining, however, I didn’t do that.  And yes, hindsight is a bitch at times.

But I digress.

The T.V. is working just fine.  I am still working on putting the ‘smart’ aspect of it in as I’m having issues regarding the signal.  I’ve got the majority of it figured out at this point.

Having finished up my meal it was off to use the facilities and freshen up.

It occurred to me once I’d done my business that very seldom do I have to use my hands to flush toilets located in public establishments.  They often have a sensor that will be activated or have foot flushers.



Leaving the stall I washed my hands.  I often find the dispenser is activated by a sensor and the water to wash with turns on via the same manner.  Sometimes there can be a challenge trying find the sensor on some of the sinks and I stand there waving my soapy hands wildly about trying to activate the stream of water.


Not sure how it is that the sensor can become defunct…but it can.  After waving my hands wildly trying to get the damn thing to work…and I’ve likely fondled it aggressively several times at this point (which is what I shouldn’t be doing if I’m trying to avoid those damn germs!), then I move to another sink.

There are some pesky taps that spurt out a minute amount of water and the hand waving must continue until all the soap has been rinsed from the skin.

Of course to dry your hands either a sensor is activated by waving your hand and paper will be dispensed or you slip your hands into an air dryer that has the power to change the formation of your hand!

I seldom touch very many things though while in public restrooms.  Get in and get out…fast!  That’s my motto.


Then I got to thinking of all the ads out there to kill all the germs that invade our daily life and I just had to wonder if perhaps we are becoming a little manic about the whole clean thing?

I’m a clean person.  I’m not obsessive about it.  Not by any means.  I can wash my kitchen and it will appear dirty by days end.  I’ve got a ceramic floor and I’ve found they are annoyingly bad for showing footprints and dirt of any kind.  Am I going to wash my floor every freakin’ day?  I think not!

I give the place a good scrubbing once a week and perform the normal day to day stuff like dishes, maintaining my bathroom and making the bed on a regular basis.

I’ve been in homes that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.  Everything spotlessly and perfectly in place . Not a speck of dirt ANYWHERE!


Suddenly I would feel so nervous.  Did I have any dirt on my socks,  as I was requested to remove my footwear?  Staring at my socks I note that my big toe is trying desperately for a jail break.

Peering around me I want out too.

My hostess was another parent from my daughter’s elementary school.  We were not friends or anything like that.  It was just a brief get together to ensure that her daughters’ could join mine for dinner and movie on the following Friday evening in downtown Vancouver to celebrate my child’s 14th birthday.  (This was many, many, many years ago!).

Unsmiling she pointed to the sofa and I sat.  The plastic covering the fabric made an unpleasant crackling noise.  The interrogation began.


“Where you go?  What movie you go see?  What other grown-up be with you?”  (She had a strong Italian accent)

My response, as my sweat glands opened and I tried to will the perspiration from slipping onto the plastic coverings, was as follows.

“Planet Hollywood.  Jim Carrey’s ‘Liar Liar’ and as far as I know, I’m the only adult that will be in attendance.”

A flat stare ran up and down my person.  My toe now decided to try and crawl back inside the sock and hide.  I wanted to join it.

“Who else go!” she spit out.

“You mean girls?” I offered dryly.


“Betina, maybe Cicely…not too sure and of course your two little ladies, Gloria and….”

It was in that moment that I forgot the other twin’s name.  It was the stress, dammit.

Yes, the girls were able to go.

Later, my friend Cathy would tell me of just what a poor impression I made on the woman.  In fact she found me very ‘weird’ among other things.

And I’m cool with that. I’ve never really understood having furniture covered in plastic.  Somehow that seems a little too freaky and obsessive for me.


Back to the germs now.

We live in a world filled with bacteria and germs and all sorts of stuff we can’t see.  Some of it good, some of it bad.  It’s  all part of our ecosystem stuff.

Somehow we’ve gotten into this mindset where we really seem to fear these things we call germs.  We sterilize our children’s rooms, our homes, our bodies.  And yet we just don’t seem to understand why we are still susceptible and still get sick.


News flash.

You need to allow your body to build up an immunity to the germs and bacteria that we share this planet with. It’s an organic thing really.  If you’ve every made and eaten mud pies you’ll know that they were a lot more fun to make than consume.  And guess what, you’re still alive and kicking to tell the tale.

Letting your child roll about in the backyard or at the park is not a bad thing.  Not at all.

Running through mud puddles and jumping into a pile of leaves that have fallen…fun, fun, fun!

When I grew up using public facilities could be down right frightening.  Public washrooms were used as a last resort.  And I can assure you, they were scary!

Often they were only cleaned maybe once a week though at time it appeared a monthly thing.


The moment you entered the facility your senses were assaulted first by the smell and then you took in the visual of how it looked.

This was a place that you did not want to come into contact with any part of your person.

In fact, it made you feel dirty just being in there.  Toilet paper would be draped over the seat and then you’d hover over the damn thing in order to relieve yourself.

Soap containers were often crusted over if they had anything in them at all. It was seldom that paper towel could be found to wipe the gunge from your fingers that now covered your hands as you tried desperately to get something the resembled soap out of the dispenser.

Rolling about in the grass or freshening up in a mud puddle was at times preferable.

I understand the mindset that has evolved with public facilities, still I’ve not walked into a bathroom like that in well over 30 years.

These days such places are cleaned at least daily, if not more.


Now I watch these commercials that seemingly have a certain paranoia attached.  A young boy in bare feet refusing to walk across his living room carpet because it ‘feels’ dirty.  The damn thing is pristine in appearance but no, our young man will jump from various pieces of furniture to avoid his feet touching the carpet.

My first thought was ‘dude, put your slippers or socks on’.  My second thought was this is just stupid.

And what’s the deal with bears and Charmin?

Commercials still depict women dressed impeccably washing their floors with a Swiffer.  A smile of pure pleasure grace their faces.  They never break a sweat, and their houses never really appear dirty at all.

light bulb

Sinks gleam under the ‘Mr. Cleans Magic Eraser’ and all those terrible food spills have been eliminated by Lysol.

Rust build up?  CLR it.  Calcium build up. CLR it.

I see people walk about during cold and flu season with surgical masks on. And these influenzas just seem to get worse and that much more powerful and devastating.

It is impossible to ‘kill’ every germ on this planet.  Nor should we want to.


Over the last few years we’ve heard of these ‘superbugs’ that have invaded hospitals for example.  Why do think that is?

Bacteria and germs want to survive as well.  And they will.  For everything we throw at them…they restructure their ‘immune’ system and become that much stronger.  Meanwhile our children are becoming sicklier as we scrub and clean trying to protect them from an organic planet.

I’ve seen the ads ‘Not all bugs need drugs.  Wash your hands.’


It’s a simple and effective method to be sure.  I’ve met people, however, that insisted they soap up for 30 seconds and rinse for just as long.  And not just their hands but up to the elbow.  And after my 10 second sojourn as I dry my hands I suddenly felt condemned by my practices as judgmental eyes perused my person.

And you know, I want to scream in that moment that I had simple had a pee and wiped my self effectively.  I wanted to reassure that at no time did I piss over my hand.

As humans we are covered in parasites.  Even as we towel down after a shower these organic creatures that depend upon us have begun to reassemble.  It’s just life really.

What are we fighting anyway?

We expect with the advances in technology to live in a certain manner, don’t we?

Yet sometimes, when I see someone shrink back from me because they feel I have a germ that will ‘threaten’ them in some manner, well, it just makes me sad.  We continue to isolate ourselves.  We live in an overstuffed world and never have we been lonelier.







Back in Training: Week Seven, The Christmas Week

fit 2

I’ve worked out a few times leading up to Christmas.  I worked out good and hard too!  On the 23rd I was at the gym getting my sweat on.

Time for the Christmas confessional.  I’ve imbibed a wee bit.  I’ve consumed some beer and wine over the past few days.

On the 24th at noon my boss tossed a couple of growlers up on the table and along with the rest of the staff I raised a pint to toast the season.

For the most part I’ve been quite good with not over indulging in the food area of the holidays as well.  Mind you a pizza recently visited my life as well.  I’ll man-up about this though.  I was simply too damn lazy to cook.

This occurred on the 26th.  I drove a great deal that day you see.

I visited with my sister who lives about a one hour drive away.

And as I left I went about my second task of the day which was to replace my T.V.


I’ve had the current television for close to 15 years.  It is just the third T.V. I’ve owned in my life and still worked just fine, however, with the new technology my unit kept losing the signal.  The technicians, who were are very pleasant and based out of Guatemala did their best to assist.

The problem still persisted.  I pondered on the fact that perhaps my old tube T.V. just couldn’t translate the information adequately. I had been advised that if a technician was sent to my home and the problem was my ‘fault’ then the cost would fall to me.

Odd, yes?  I haven’t touched anything behind my T.V. other than to clean in the last 5 years.  In any case I considered what my response would be if I was informed that my T.V. was too old for the technology.

I decided that perhaps it was time to purchase a new T.V. rather than possibly causing bodily harm to a technician.

I did my homework on the Boxing Day offerings.  Had my budget set out and decided that Visions Electronics had the most lucrative deals.  Next was to find a location that would not be inundated by the masses.  In other words, I had to find a store location that was not attached to a godforsaken mall.

I decided upon the store location on Marine Drive and as I arrived it was as I suspected busy but not unreasonably so.

A young store clerk showed me my options and I asked a series of questions then I told him I would like consider my options and he left me alone. I read the fine print and half hour later waltzed out of the store with a 40″ Hisense LED Smart TV at a cost of $350.00.


Yay!  I had met my objective.

I headed home with my purchase.  I passed the lineup on the Queensborough Bridge.  The outlet mall on Queensborough Landing was just insane as cars were lined up for miles trying to access the stores.

I was really hungry at this point so I dropped the T.V. off then headed out to grab a quick bite.  And as I consumed my meal it occurred to me that I have a ‘Smart’ phone that still confounds me on many fronts.

Now, admittedly, I really only require the basics of talking and texting from my phone.  There are a plethora of apps available to me of this I’m assured, but they hold no appeal to me personally.

They don’t really make phones with just basic functions any longer.  Still there are those moments when I’ll push something I ought not to have and the damn thing won’t do what I want.

Bloody hell!

And it is in these moments that I feel very foolish and not particularly intelligent.

For example shortly after I had purchased this smart technology, I was certain I’d found a ‘lemon’ as it was now frozen.  I went back to London Drugs and expressed my dismay to the clerk.

With a slide of his finger and an apologetic smile on his face the clerk handed the phone back to me.

I had inadvertently locked the phone.

I have this affliction though.  When it comes to directions I glance at them then launch into whatever it is I am trying to accomplish.

Why I have this idea in my head that I should know what I’m doing without the benefit of being guided by the directions that have been so thoughtfully included, well I wish I had an answer to this.

I paid the bill and headed back to my homestead to get this technological wonder up and running.

So let me ask you this.  Having just made the confession I did, do you think I read the directions prior to embarking on this task?

After all I only wanted to plug it in and ensure that it did in fact work.  How difficult could this be?


Welcome to the episodic adventures of ‘The Dumb Blond Meets the Smart TV.’

First I had to unhook the old T.V. and this proved to be a challenge. I needed a wrench to loosen the cable that was screwed in tightly to the back of the set.  Then I pulled the cumbersome beast off onto a sheet I’d placed on the floor so that I could pull it out of the way without scraping up the floor.

Next I removed parts from the box.  The stand seemed to require screws and after a brief search that lasted a nanosecond I was convinced that his puppy snapped together like Lego as I could not find any screws.


(Queue the music…the theme from Pyscho or Jaws will do)

Note to self:  It would have been very beneficial to have read the directions at this point.

They did in fact kinda sorta snap together.

So I crawled in behind the T.V. and began plugging in various coloured cables into various coloured plugins.

The flashlight was directed at the plugins and the batteries were fading fast. The object was so that I could see which colour I was inputing and damned if I could find a yellow plugin for the yellow cable. Briefly I wondered at their various designations.  It was at this point as I poked about the back that the T.V. that it fell forward onto the floor.

I gasped in horror as my mind immediately began trying to make excuses to trade this back to the store with no additional cost to me.  Now just how pathetic is that?

Gingerly I lifted it up and it appeared fine. My smart T.V. had just survived its first test of having me as the owner.  Laying the screen down gently I walked back over to the stuff strewn across my sofa.  There an image glared at me depicting screws going into the holes on the stand.  A few moments later said screws were located.


I now had everything secured and hopefully plugged in correctly.

Several buttons ran down the side of the screen and I noted the power button and with baited breath pushed it.

A red light came on and I felt a small wave of triumph wash over me.  The word ‘HISENSE’ appeared on the screen in a lovely shade of light turquoise.

A tentative sense of relief slipped in.  I’d not broken it!

Now it asked me my language preference and where I lived.  It asked my provider and my password and that is as far as we got. It kept looping back.

Maybe I did damage it I thought in despair.  Would I not be able to watch a show?

I gazed down at the remote and pressed the button that said TV on it.  We had contact, baby!


Brightly coloured people appeared on the screen unusually short and wide much to my delight.  I played with the settings and managed to get them looking fairly normal.

And the manual sat before me taunting me.  Yes, I will read it.  Just not at that moment.

My home once again resembled a war zone. I stared at my kitchen and loathed the idea of cooking.  I had tested my mental acuteness and the idea of cooking just seemed a rather exhausting task, hence, I invited a Pizza into my home.

As I nibbled on the cheesy goodness and watched ‘True Grit” on the Tele, I assured myself that I would go for a run in the morning.

At 7:00 AM I woke to the sound of rain falling outside.

People, I ran in my heart!  Truly I would have but hey, this induction back into running in the dark of morning just can’t begin with a torrential rainfall in the mix.

But yes, it is time to hit the gym and get back to training in earnest.

I had a lovely celebration with my daughter and her boyfriend.  My daughter cooked her first Turkey dinner.  She was insistent from the outset to do all of this on her own with no assistance from moi.

I smiled in pleasure as she swore like a banshee as she tried to extract the food she’d stuffed into her too small apartment oven.  In the end everything was delightfully delicious.


This was a great Christmas.  The last few years I’ve felt the strains of battle.  The continuous fight with depression, issues with my heart and the battle with cancer.  The residue effect has been felt over the last few Christmas seasons but always I’ve been with those that I love dearly and for that I am so blessed!

This Christmas I felt as though we’d come through that darkness and a promise is beckoning.  I just have to stop and read the directions.

I am rebuilding and I’m back on track.

On the morrow I have my reading tasks set out.  Not too sure still why I feel I should know that which I do not.  Perhaps I’m simply human after all.


Back In Training: Week Five – The Blood, Sweat and Glory!


lights & action 031

A close up shot of my tree 

Okay, okay!  The title is a tad dramatic I’ll admit.  But what a fabulous day!  I hustled down for my training session in a down pour.  That’s cool. I’ve got nothing against rain.  Pulling the hood up on my windbreaker I found myself joining a throng of people heading downtown.

New Westminster’s Santa Claus parade was on. I think it is the smallest parade ever.  All of four blocks in length and if you’re not careful, you’ll miss it.  Still the residents of New Westminster gather up their children and head down the hill to take in the festivities.

lights & action 233

My Christmas Tree 2014!

I cut in to my trainer’s establishment a block down the hill.  I’ve been kicking it at the gym.  I have not been able to do much here at home as the Christmas decorations have inhabited the living floor over this last week.  I will remedy that today.

Still, I’ve been pushing myself.  For the Level Two fitness I will be required to do some pull ups on the T-Rex at a 90 degree angle.  Well I’ve done 45 and 60 degrees so Friday evening I decided to try at 90 degree.

Other than grunting really loudly I don’t think I moved!  I certainly stayed at 90 degrees and perhaps my arms got a little longer as they stretched out before me. I was a delightful sweaty mess by the time Tamer had finished with me.

After five weeks I am down almost 5 lbs. Keep in mind, however, that by choice I don’t know what my weight is.  Further more I don’t want to know as I find this aspect rather depressing at times.  And it can detract and dampen an individual’s actual achievements.  The numbers that matter to me are the inches that are coming off.

Drum roll please!  After five weeks I’ve taken off almost 2 inches in my arms, 1 1/2 in my hips, 1 1/2 in my thighs, 3 around the belly button and 4 inches off the waist!  Yay!

The boobs are the same but then the girls can be a little stubborn at times.  They’ll eventually get on board.  This is a great start which will motivate me to push that much harder.  And you know, these little moments of glory are what drive me.  I am feeling tighter everywhere.  The energy that I had prior to all of this cancer stuff is building back up.

As I left I didn’t bother with the hood on my jacket.  I just let the rain fall on me and relished every moment.

lights & action 082

Giant Raindrop next to Canada Place, downtown Vancouver, BC

I’m sleeping deeply again!  For several months I found myself waking up continually throughout the night.  There were several evenings that I found sleep to be rather elusive.

I do have to go for a few more tests.  The good ol’ mammogram.  Oye!  Me and the girls aren’t particularly happy with this test.  Turning the breast into a pancake isn’t as pleasant as it sounds.   The technician will smile sympathetically and tell you that there will be a ‘little discomfort’ and you’re not supposed to breathe or move.

No worries there.  I am incapable of doing either while I am attached to the machine.  Of course, then one must wait to ensure that an adequate x-ray was taken.  Still, you get older and it’s necessary to check and make sure everything is as it should be.  Finding medical issues in advance before they become a major problem is highly desirable.

I’ve heard it mentioned many times about people who find they are having symptoms and yet they do nothing.  Perhaps they are scared.  It is frightening when you know something is amiss.  Best to deal with whatever it may be as swiftly as possible though.

lights & action 193

lights & action 198








Lego Whale by Douglas Coupland at Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre

My upper body is pathetically weak at the moment so I’ll have to take a page out of Popeye’s handbook and ‘eats me Spinach’ and gets me to pump it up!

I just visualized myself with a corn-cob pipe hanging out of my mouth and a tattoo of an anchor on my chest!  Scary!

Still that would be fun character, would it not?  Oh wait…wasn’t that Alice the Goon?

I have the hockey game on and I do believe the Vancouver Canucks are getting smoked by the Toronto Maple Leafs!  Oh the horror!  The horror!  I just checked and with 8 minutes left in the game we are down 4 to 2.  Boo! Hiss!

The reason I didn’t know the actual score is that I am in my office and the game is being broadcast in Punjabi.  Rather fun listening to it and trying to guess if we scored as the guys get really excited but I think they are from Toronto and want the Leafs to win.  Boo! Hiss! yet again.

lights & action 231

I will leave now and assemble the rest of the decorations then head out to perhaps do a wee bit of Ye Olde Christmas shopping!

Have a fabulous night!




A Horse of Course!



A beautiful Autumn morning over the Pyke & Buckley’s Ranch

A little over a month ago I attended an informal annual gathering for Windermere Secondary School alumni that Serge Biln has been organizing for the last five years.

I met a couple of women four years my junior who graduated in 1980, Trudi and Jen.  Jen works at a horse ranch located in Langley, BC, about a thirty to forty-five minute drive from my home.

Jen left an open invitation to come out to the ranch to take some photos of the horses.  Yesterday morning I took advantage of the invitation.

I love horses.  For as far back as I can remember I’ve been so completely enamored by them.

As a child laying in bed desperately trying  to block the echoes of my parents fighting from my mind, it was the spirit of the horse that came and took me on wistful adventures during those terrors.

Throughout my life it has been this spirit that has guided and comforted me and urged me to move forward challenging me to be true to myself. Quietly powerful and gently reassuring the spirit and energy of the horse is forever in my heart, in my soul.

Yesterday I once again felt somewhat star struck as I ventured out among these majestic beings.  Always, they take my breath away.

With camera in hand, I stepped out wanting to capture a little of each horse’s individuality.  Of course it was entirely dependent upon them whether they wanted to participate.  I had about eight horses that were curious as to what I was up to and there were a couple that were absolute divas that struck pose after pose and were quite insistent that I capture their ‘good side’.


“Look into my eyes!  You are getting sleepy, sleepy….!

I fell totally in love with this fella.


These were taken at Pyke & Buckley’s Performance Horses ranch.

A big thanks to Jen and to Melissa for letting me mingle with the locals.  Enjoy!

While I think I have the majority of the names down pat, there are a few that escape my memory at the moment.


I was asked to keep my distance as this horse is very spirited which I totally respect.

From the photograph above to the ones that follow I found this beautiful and dynamic beauty to be incredibly inquisitive and wonderfully receptive. 


Heading out to the paddock and then later when I returned for a little one on one he approached, cautiously at first.


He checked me out then decided he was up for the interview and flashed one of many charming smiles.


We discussed politics, the weather and then it got really deep as we pondered the meaning of life.


He was insistent that this was his best side then flashed a rather cavalier smile my way.


Of course he offered up his come hither look playfully peeking up over the fence.


Watching me as I took my leave.


Beside him was this beauty named Luna


Luna is a little on the shy side but she was very gracious and did let take a couple of shots of her.


She insisted that this was her best side. Can’t argue with that but she looked good from every angle.


And like my beauty above, Luna watched me take my leave as well


Here is Jen with Sonny.  He is a small quarter horse and just the sweetest little guy.  This is the only horse I shot in the stable as he was not being taken outside at that time. 

I knew that many of the horse might find the flash intimidating so this was the only instance where it was used.


What a little beauty!


Meet Malaki


She was quite persistent and demanding that I take her photo and I was more than happy to oblige!


And I photographed her from every angle


Yes Malaki, you are beautiful!


Meet Seven


Seven was a little on the shy side but was accommodating. 


Peeking out rather coquettishly


Sharing Seven’s paddock was Scooby.


Scooby is very curious, animated and very friendly.


Scooby waxed poetic on the beautiful sky above after days of torrential rain.


Scooby insisted that I get both sides as I was informed that all sides were indeed glorious!  I am in total agreement.


Meet Norm


Norm is another wonderfully curious creature. 


Norm shares his paddock with the youngest member.


Meet Rocky, just a year old.


Jen and Rocky waited patiently as Norm was being positively rambunctious and playful.


The boys head off to kick up their heels and play.


These two have a great rapport


Norm at times seemed very protective of Rocky


And indeed, how can you not fall in love with this little guy?


Then we had the little kittens that were romping about the place having a time of it



What a beautiful Autumn morning!


And yes, some of the horses didn’t feel up to chatting. 

This cheeky fella just stuck his tongue out at me. 

I couldn’t help laughing and stuck mine out at him too.


And when it was time to go these two stood watching me walk back to my car.  Every time I turned back, there they were. 

I wanted to run back and hug them both.

But I got in the car and drove off as they stood watching me take my leave. 

Thank you!



Local pics July 2014 007

This has been an eventful week at the new job. There was a degree of discord from one of the worker’s there who will be leaving as a result of me assuming all responsibilities.

I am a ‘lovely woman’ whom she see’s herself ‘divorcing’.

I was and am very sympathetic  to her sensibilities.  Still, this is business.  Nothing more.  She can work her ass off trying to prove whatever it is she is caught up in, but I know all too well the bosses’ really have no interest in her personal life.  You need to produce.  Simple as that.

That acceptance as made me very good at my job.  And yes, it has taken awhile to learn these lessons.  Not that I’m  a slow learner…just a very stubborn one at times.:

I hope that the vision I am developing for this company comes to fruition.  I’m all business.  This isn’t about what the company can and should do for me.


I am the worker bee you see.  This is about saying ‘Lets try doing this and that.  We’ll be more efficient.  More productive.  Better overhead results in higher profits.’

It is quite simply, business.

I’ve learned this the hard way.  You must separate to some degree your personal self with your business self.

Because of my journey I actually have a deeper insight into this.

I left work and arriving home tucked my pages and computer into my backpack.  I decided to head off for dinner and do some editing.

Boston Pizza won the decision for where I would dine.


As I entered the establishment I looked past the host who was intent on seating me.  My eyes were now trained on an old friend.  I was half engaged with the gentleman who wanted to seat me and the friend whom was in my sight.


I’d traversed through the hallowed halls of school from Grade 1 to Grade 11 with him.  We’d put together the 30 year reunion together.  He lives with is wife just a meer block from my domain.

I waved my hand and he looked up then rose to greet and folded me in his arms.

Brian had a stroke three weeks ago. This shocked me.


He smiled rather sardonically and sadly  stating ‘Aging sucks.’

I laughed and agreed. I told him of my issues.  Discussed the emotional head games these things play out.  Then informed him to commit to a few hours out with Marie and I.

The three of us put together the 30 year reunion.  What I can I tell you is that year of  piecing together out past cemented me to so many aspects of who I used to be.

And I needed that.

So if I see a friend who has suffered, know this.  All the positive energy I have is being directed to your well being.

There are people who so quietly touch your life.  Brian I would say is one of those people.

Yet, there is a profundity to it.

Phone Pics July 2014 069He matters. He has all the school pictures of us from Grade 1 to Grade 11. He sees just me, not the latest invention of who I thought I should be.  Brian has gone through his own hell.  And I guess that’s what we need to embrace and understand about our journey during this life.

Despite our successes and losses…at the end of day…we are all simply human.

And I will always try to offer the most sincere and honest response to someone’s situation.

To those I hold dear…know that it is doubled.

And if you cannot articulate what burdens you… I understand this so deeply. I will not speak for you.  Your voice, your emotions, your feelings are necessary.  All I can do is hopefully give them a face.  Give them voice. Give them life.

Long ago I accepted that my roll in this world is souly dependent upon the organic thought provided to me by simply living.

It sounds simplistic…but really its not.

I commit to this world to assist in bringing an honest and forgiving truth to how we live our lives.


50 Shades of….Orange?


Phone Pics July 2014 070

Secret Garden

The marathon painting session left me rather delirious.  Each coat of burnt orange applied to the chocolate wall seemed to simply melt into it.  So began the test of wills.  I would defeat this wall!  Conquer it completely.  It would become my firewall.

The colour, when first applied, appeared to be pumpkin.

Fear ran through me.  What if I’d made a mistake with my choice of colour?  What if, upon completion, it looked so horrible that I ran screaming from the room tearing the newly grown hair from my head?

I smiled at the dramatic scenario’s I was entertaining as I pondered all the written works that would be produced from my orange room.

I like tasks such as painting a room. For me there is always a reason for the transformation and the colour of choice that reaches out to me.  I also like that it’s my energy that is going into the transformation.

Mind you some seven hours to paint one room had the imagination becoming quite derelict.  I stopped for yet another bathroom break near the end of this lunacy.  Food had been consumed sporadically.  Yogurt, apple, grapes, crackers….

Just the basic sustenance.

Local pics July 2014 023My secret garden

A great deal of water had been consumed. On this hot summer day the temperature rose to about 30 degree Celsius.  Luckily, I face north and have the benefit of my secret garden that provides major cooling to my unit.  Still, the sight that greeted me in the bathroom mirror made me chuckle.

I was a complete puddle covered in fifty shades of orange. It was on my face, in my hair, paint was everywhere.

And oh, the decadent thoughts that sprang to mind that would in fact parody the unmentionable ‘grey’ version of said title.

Oh my!

This is not an X-rated blog though.  So I will keep it clean.

Still, the thought that sprang to mind was of our heroine showing up not to interview the mysterious Mr. Grey but paint his rooms….orange.

“What shade of orange do you prefer, Mr. Grey?” she asks him provocatively.

He smiles seductively at her. “I like it burnt, baby.  I like it so hot, it scorches.”

Oh my!

She pulls out a swatch or two and slaps them dramatically on the wall.  (This action was of course dictated by her inner Goddess).

“Are these hot enough for you, Mr. Grey?” she inquires enticingly.

He zeros in on a shade…it’s called Cinnamon Spice.

“I used to know a stripper by that name.” he reminisces fondly.  “Come, I’ll show you the room to be painted.”

Our heroine follows him down the hall and he leads her into a chamber designed for sexual play.

Glancing about she takes note of the additional work it will require to remove all the pullies, chains and the like from the walls

“I’ll have to charge you double, if not more, Mr. Grey.”  she advises him.

“I’m a rich man.  I’ll draw up the contract and do take as much time as you need.” he assures her.

They smile at one another.

Oh my!

Yes, I made the mistake a couple of years ago in reading this book.  It became quite a contentious issue with my writing group.  We would find ourselves yelling at each other over how poorly it was written.  why we yelled at each other, we don’t know. Finally we banished it from all future conversations.

If we did refer to it  at all, it was ‘the book that we were not supposed to talk about’.

So this is the first bit of written work produced from the orange room.  I am having giggle or two.

Interestingly enough I found a pamphlet tucked away yesterday regarding colour energy.

Orange is the spleen chakra that connects us to our emotional self.  It inspires happiness, confidence and resourcefulness.  The energy infused brings joy to the work day and strengthens our appreciation for life.  The colour orange also helps us remove our inhibitions.

Oh My!

All parody and playfulness aside, I love the result.

Local pics July 2014 114Local pics July 2014 112

Equine publishing in it’s infancy

Interestingly enough I did my bedroom in a sage green.  Green is the heart chakra and this relax muscles, nerves and thoughts.  Local pics July 2014 046Little Grass Horses

As I look around this room now I am envisioning some of the photographs that I’ve taken that I plan to mount.  I’ve a few visuals I still need to find but this is now the home of Equine Publishing.

The dream is transforming into life.  Stay tuned.






The Storyteller


What is it that appeals or repels in a story?  What drives it?  What do we take away from it?

I love a well told story.  I look for those little twists and turns, the innuendo that leads me through various avenues as the story plays out.  We’ve been reminded time and again that every story ever told has been done so over and over again.

Take the romance genre for example.  It is basically the same format in pretty much every book.  So why keep reading them?

What does it for me is character development.  If I can connect to them then I’m hooked and it doesn’t matter the genre.

As the reader I am conjuring what may happen .  I am delighted when a surprise occurs that throws me off.  The most important aspect is how the story is told and how it unfolds.

And I got to thinking, I could tell you stories that would break your heart, but you know what?  I would rather tell you stories that will help mend them.

I have to be careful in the telling though.  I don’t want to tell a feel good story that ends up being so sacharine sweet that I am wanting rip my hair out and run screaming from a room, or to a room, or down a street, or up a street….

You get the idea.


I had a bit of rant just over a week ago about the trailer for a new show that is on television this summer called ‘EXTANT’.  It features Halle Berry and is produced by Stephen Speilberg. After duly criticising the over dramatic trailer I decided to do due diligence and actually (GULP) watch the show.

Yes, yes…I know…my sacrifices know no bounds

I decided to watch it until my interest really starts to wane.  Keep in mind what is happening to Halle Berry’s character Molly Brown will have an impact on ALL OF MANKIND!

Story 2

I am two episodes in and can smell a certain consiracy theory brewing. My guess is that possible aliens are living on our planet that have a comfortable relationship with the US government and NASA?

Molly and her husband have an android child named Ethan who looks like he walked off the set of ‘Children of the Corn’.  Yup, he’s a little creepy.  The husband builds these things though I am not 100% certain as the why of it.  The story is a little vague there.

corn 4children corn

The thing is, prior to Molly’s adventures in space, they sent another dude up to space for 13 months on his own and he came back and got all weirded out and paranoid so he killed himself.

Then we find out in episode two that he didn’t kill himself…he faked his death and is now living in a trailer hiding from the authorities.

So of course, NASA would send up another astronaut for 13 months, a woman this time, to live alone in space.  And she comes back knocked up.

There is this multi-billionaire dude, Yasimoto, or something like that who apparently owns half the planet.  I think he’s an alien.  His character, while in good shape is likely in his late 50’s or early 60’s.  He sticks his finger in a sensory object on his dresser and  it tells him he has 103 years and 55 minutes left to live.

I will watch a little longer to see if what I am thinking plays out.

Sadly, they could have made this a really good show had they stayed away from the conspiracy theory aspect to it, but I can see it beginning.  Meanwhile Molly still has not told her husband of her extraterrestial pregnancy and she is teaching her android son the art of deception by forming a pack to to keep secrets from the father / husband.

penguin 3

Now, let me switch completely.  When I watched ‘The March of the Penguins’ I was spellbound by the story Morgan Freeman narrated about these charming birds.  This documentary illicited a host of emotions in me.  And I was simply watching footage of penguins.

penguin 2penguin 1

Indeed, how well a story is told is key for any storyteller and I hope to continue to grow and expand in this area.

I would love to hear from you what some of your favourtie stories or books are and why. And again, thanks for stopping by.





Trailers……You Lost Me at Please!

It has been absolutely beautiful weather wise here in Vancouver!  Summer has settled in quite nicely and the temperature is rising.

Nights are spent with a sheet covering me at most.  Even then it is often too hot.  I have one fan that is a good size that I lug from room to room.  I think I will head out this weekend and get a smaller one for my bedroom.

Last year I had taken the fan apart and cleaned it. (They can get quite dusty)

I put it together forgetting to screw the butterfly nut onto the propeller.  Propped it up in my room, turned it on and went to sleep.

A thunderous crash about an hour later had me leaping scared as hell from my bed.

You guessed it.  The propellor inside its cage had come off because someone we know (and love) (hey, I’m gonna milk it, okay?) forgot to put the screw on to hold it in place!

 fan 1

I can assure you it took quite some time to fall back into a blissful slumber after that little incident.

I am babbling though.  Gee. Haven’t done that in while, now have I?

So, yes, I need a smaller fan.  Not one that if it fell apart could potentially kill me.  That fan has never graced my bedroom since this occurrence. I have a far too active an imagination.  Visions of propellers flying through the night air slicing and dicing me like a kitchen chopper doesn’t induce one into the realm of relaxing nirvana.

As I drove into the office today I greeted the morning and cranked the radio up and rocked out to a few good tunes.

Lately the radio has been running ads for up coming TV summer series.  One is for ‘Extant’ that features Halle Berry.

The premise of the show is that she is an astronaught and goes out into space….alone…for a year. She is doing a bunch of strange experiments and somehow she manages to get knocked up though she has no memory of this.

(What did they put in her Tang?)

A line from the trailer played on the radio has Halle asking this question. Not too certain who she is talking to either.

“Please, just tell me what you did to me?”  Halle beseeches. 

And I couldn’t help myself and just burst into laughter.  it just had such a strange connotation to it.

Truth be told, I really don’t know if I’ll check it out.  The premise for it sounds ‘odd’?

Thing is I like Spielberg’s body of work, so it may be worth a gander.  There are a few things though that don’t add up right off.  First, I don’t think they would ever send just one person out into space.

Too expensive. 

The craft that she’s on appears to be quite big too.  That’s alot of work for one gal.

It seems to have the premise of the creepy old abanodoned house feel to it  that we see in horror flicks but it’s a few hundred thousand miles away floating about in space.  Hmmm.

(Halle… just don’t go into the ‘basement’ of the ship, ‘kay?)

Then of course she does go into the ‘basement’ and wakes up not knowing what the hell happened and pregnant to boot. 

I wonder why they always make aliens look so creepy in Sci-Fi movies?  Quite often their appearance is lizard-like. I’ve always liked the aliens in Star Trek and Star Wars.  They were what we affectionatley refer to as ‘humanoid’.  They resembled us but had distinctive attributes that dictated what area of the galaxy they were from.  Better not be from the Eastside of intergalactic hood.

alien 3Kirk & Co

The wise ones and Cap. Kirk’s battle buddy.

As we well know, life forms can take on a multitude of images and they might well not be in a state that we would recognize.  

Still something to be said for our collective imagination.  

etalien 2

Careful, ET, my friend. An Alien dude from the Eastside is stirring up shit.  Ate the teacher and left the apple.

If I were to put together a sci-fi outer space series, I would want to explore the big picture.  Really get into the meat of other ‘civilizations’.  Whether they are civilized by our definition of this term, well, that would be a shrouded mystery, now wouldn’t it? 

Next Generation was my favorite in the Star Trek series.  They explored a lot of psychological aspects that were really cool.  

Next genborg 2

I would want to put together a series that took it even deeper than that.  One thing I would explore is the idea of ownership in space.  

Kind of like how we, as humans, section off not only the land we thrive upon but the deep blue sea that surrounds us as well.  A portion  ‘belongs’ to Canada, to the USA, to Europe, to Africa, to Asia, etc.  The thing is, what one country does to their ‘piece of the ocean’ affects us all.  Just as what happens in another country on the other side of world does have an impact. It always will  Yet we have this NIMBY attitude.  Outta sight, outta mind as long as it doesn’t appear in my neck of the woods…I’m cool. 

We are kind of like an ostrich with our head in the proverbial sand at times.  

I would also want to explore the idea of intelligence.  The concept of it.  This really fascinates me. How we actually measure intelligence and decide who and what are bestowed with this gift of sorts. 

I recently watched a documentary on ‘The Nature of Things’.  The show followed the migration of the Monarch butterfly and how its migration was discovered and mapped.  

Such delicate creatures that undertake an amazing journey!  Why?  Don’t know. And they are equipped with sensors that are just incredible!   Is all that they do based upon instinct alone? 

I would want to explore the crop circles as a language and turn them into 3D images.  (And yes, I do believe they are a language)

And maybe one day I will have the opportunity to develop such a show.  

I wonder sometimes what would result if shows were created theoretically.  If ratings and advertising dollars weren’t an issue. 

What would it be like to create…just because.

What would it be like to live….just because. 

What would it be like to have no borders?

What would it be like to collaborate collectively on a global scale just because we are human.

The good of the people.  The respect and earnest interest in our well being…everywhere.  The desire to share knowledge freely.

We’ve put a price tag on so many things in this life.  Lebron James, for example plays basketball.  Yet the dude is worth multiple millions of dollars. Why?

I played basketball in high school.

Okay, I wasn’t very good and I’m a girl but I had fun! And I’m nice dammit! 

My point being that what if the challenge wasn’t monetary?

What if the challenge wasn’t power and control?

What if the challenge was…just because.   Hmmmm.

In any case, I will toddle off now.  Enjoy your day and as Mr. Spock so fondly states,

“Live long and prosper.”